Facial Recognition Device - FaceScribe TE

FaceScribe TE is Spectra’s endeavour to bring you technologically sophisticated and capable security solutions always. FaceScribe TE enables human body temperature measurement and is equipped with smart technology to trigger alarms in conditions of high temperature. An organisation can ensure water-tight security along with smooth day-to-day activities by acquiring FaceScribe TE – a face reader that is a cut above the rest. Spectra’s latest offering is the best in biometric face recognition and time & attendance management in India.

FaceScribe TE excels at every aspect essential for optimum functioning of a Facial Recognition System. The device is potent enough to meet consumer demands and offer much more. It comprises the most efficient biometric face recognition algorithm, which undertakes the recognition process in less than 0.5 seconds. Its effectiveness is backed by the latest technologies of 3D-noise reduction, fog-passing technology, real-time live face-detection, and the most remarkable feature: human temperature detection.

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Temperature Measuring technology

Gauges human body temperature for supplementary information and comprises pre-defined alarms in case of high-temperature readings.

Efficient Recognition in Different Lighting Conditions

FaceScribe TE is a real-time face recognition attendance system. It is capable of live, human face-detection in extremely low lighting conditions and supports face intuitive exposure as well as smart face enhancement settings.

Facial Recognition Device - FaceScribe TE
Facial Recognition Device - FaceScribe TE

Unique Technological Integration

FaceScribe TE has a 3D-noise reduction component and fog-passing features for accurate recognition under low illumination or unclear conditions.

Advanced Video-affiliated Features

Works effectively even in case of partial blocking of video area and is equipped with video brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma adjustments, along with ROI coding.

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Facial Recognition Device - FaceScribe TE

High-end Software and Large Memory

FaceScribe TE has an in-built Linux OS for enhanced stability and can store up to 30,000 face templates & 80,000 stamped transactions in its non-volatile memory.

Seamless Connectivity

FaceScribe TE comprises a Weigand output port that helps you to use the device as a reader to any access control panel. It also has an input port for connecting external card readers.


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