FaceScribe Plus

The flagship product of Spectra, FaceScribe Plus is an advanced Face recognition attendance system that has all the features and specifications available in FaceScribe. To take things to the next level, this device is also equipped with MIFARE card and QR Code reader technology, giving its users a complete touchless experience. Bundled with such great featrures, FaceScribe Plus makes a perfect choice for any company that requires fast and contactless access. If you have been looking for a solution to your facial recognition problems, you can rest assured that FaceScribe Plus is the best solution available.

The device also comes with optional GSM functionality making it future ready, reliable, and user-friendly authentication solution. With its rugged design, the FaceScribe Plus offers a contactless and ergonomic experience, which allows users to access doors and devices in a matter of seconds. This product will be a very popular addition to our product line.

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Efficient Recognition in Different Lighting Conditions

FaceScribe Plus is a real-time face recognition attendance system. It is capable of live, human face-detection in extremely low lighting conditions and supports face intuitive exposure as well as smart face enhancement settings.

Unique Technological Integration

Advanced 3D-noise reduction technology and fog-passing capabilities to ensure precise facial recognition, even in low-light or unclear environments. Additionally, the device comes equipped with both a MiFare card reader and a QR code reader for easy access and payment options.

FaceScribe Plus
FaceScribe Plus

Advanced Video-affiliated Features

Works effectively even in case of partial blocking of video area and is equipped with video brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma adjustments, along with ROI coding.

High-end Software and Large Memory

FaceScribe Plus has an in-built Linux OS for enhanced stability and can store up to 30,000 face templates & 80,000 stamped transactions in its non-volatile memory.

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FaceScribe Plus

Seamless Connectivity

FaceScribe comprises a Weigand output port that helps you to use the device as a reader to any access control panel. It also has an input port for connecting external card readers. It also comprises of optional GSM feature making data transfer easy over the internet.

Rich Hardware Interface

FaceScribe is unmatched in durability and build. The hardware comprises the latest in communication technology: I/O, WG26, WG34, RJ45, USB, RS485.


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