A unitarily comprehensive product, Spectra’s biometric access control system device is at par with prevalent access automation, elegant design and dynamic form-factors. With an interior complementing light grey colour and a small TFT display within this sleek design, BioStamp 3S is an aesthetic treat. Well, not just looks, this biometric door access control system device is also backed by a robust performance. It is a powerful device with an elephantine data storage space.

A dynamic camera is configurable to hold images of pre-defined events, making it a must-have for companies where security concerns are paramount. The camera clicks invalid log-in attempts, thereby, rendering advanced safety to the system. BioStamp 3S is a mark of smart innovation with its highly tamper-resistant back-up. Enabled with smart tamper-proof technology makes it a preferred choice, among our clients. Wi-fi backed and easy to upgrade on-field capability makes it a distinct product for biometric access.

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The Ultra Sleek Advantage

BioStamp 3S is made up of high aesthetics and ultra modern design that helps it to get easily installed even directly on the door panels. It also has a 1.77” Color TFT display (1.77”) that makes it a unique device of this size.

Capture any unauthorised event

This biometric access control system has an inbuilt VGA camera that can be configured to capture images on certain pre-defined events, e.g. an invalid attempt to access the restricted area can be captured and used for verification.

Completely Safe & Protected. By all means.

Designed with IP65 standard, this biometric access device gives complete protection from dust, rainwater, airborne pollutants and other environmental threats. It also generates alarms in case someone tries to fiddle with it.

Futuristic Biometric Device

Apart from an inbuilt WiFi support that enables instant data transfer, BioStamp 3S also supports IPv6 protocol which makes it a completely future ready biometric device. It also supports host of protocols such as FTP, HTTP, NTP, SNMP & SSL.

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Unmatched features for best results

BioStamp 3S supports multiple options of RFID card technologies for a 1:1 match and also provides a facility to update device software onsite through ethernet interface without the need of removing device and sending it back to the service center.

High Speed Controller and Large Memory

The biometric access control device has high speed 32 bit micro-controller and a large data storage of 8GB with a capacity to store 250,000 user database along with fingerprint template. Additionally it has capacity to store last 500,000 transactions too.


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