Spectra’s TwinXs 3S is a door access controller that supports two doors and four access readers. In addition to giving support to global anti-pass back, the controller supports a number of rule-based features. This door access control panel can be easily configured either as a standalone or Master or Slave. Its high-speed processor can facilitate decisions of access in just milliseconds.

TwinXs 3S, the best 2-door access control system has field pluggable connectors which allow it to wire and terminate with ease. It is a reliable controller which ensures unfailing power supply as all of its reader ports are current-sufficient even during times of breakdown or malfunction. The door access controller can facilitate on-field diagnostics and is equipped with an LCD display. Its diverse settings help to program the controller without the need to attach to its host computer.

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Two Door / Four Reader Controller

TwinXs 3S supports 2 doors and 4 access readers where the controller can be configured as Standalone/Master/Slave. It supports a host of other rule-based features apart from global anti-pass back.

Fully Programmable I/O’s

This two door access controller has 8 optically-isolated digital inputs where 4 are general-purpose & fully-programmable, 2 dedicated for door sensor inputs, and 2 dedicated for egress switch inputs.

Compact Controller with Large Storage

Housed in a powder-coated MS cabinet, with rugged 5Amp power supply, TwinXs 3S is a very compact 2-door access control system with a high-speed 32-bit processor and large storage of 8GB. It has a capacity to store 250,000 cardholder database and buffer for last 500,000 events.

  • 32 Bit, 200 MHz
  • Configurable
    Wiegand Interface
  • CAN RS232/
    RS485 Ports
  • Inbuilt 10/100Mbps
  • Supports HTTP, FTP,
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Data Communication and Protocols

TwinXs 3S supports communication interfaces viz 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, CAN and RS232/RS485. In addition, it also supports multiple protocols such as HTTP, SNMP, FTP, SSL & NTP. It also supports MODBUS protocol over ethernet for integration.

Field Upgradable Software with Local Programming

On-site update of device software without removing and sending it back to the service centre. This door access control system has an LCD display along with a 12-key keypad that allows users to program without attaching it to the host computer.

Configurable Reader Interface

The reader interface is configurable. This 2-door controller also supports legacy clock / data interface in addition to the more popular Weigand interface which is configurable from 24 to 255 bits. Plus, there’s a configurable buzzer type - continuous or beep.

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