Contract Management System

Contract employees are in vogue considering the benefit available but there is serious need to have contract employee management software to ensure compliances. To make it complex, firms across industries often have large number of contract workers spread to number of sites, leading to logistical headaches and inefficiencies throughout the process. Spectra Contract Management Solution allows selection, management and analyzing these contract employees.

Spectra Contract Management Solution tries to protect companies from Legal, Financial and from a safety and security stand point of view. The software includes multi-step processes with each stage an important step in achieving success. the Contract Compliance System also includes ensuring proper induction, documentation and ensuring proper renewal at the time of expiry of nay documentation from both contractors and contracted employees.

Contract Management Solution Highlights

Document Approval

  • User defined Notification Template to include all the relevant information
  • Approval Mapping based on the documentation and level of approvals
  • Compliance Mapping to ensure safety from breach and penalties
  • Work Pattern Notification
  • Contract Settings
  • Configure Contract Page
  • Application Notification Template
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Flexible Workflow

  • An extremely flexible workflow that can be classified based on location, area, sub area and many such classifications for effective use of the module.
  • Workflow can be defined for Contractor signup
  • Work force finger registration & Access
  • There configuration relating to Contractor/Contractual employee blacklisting and Contract blocking /unblock
  • Contract closure at period expiry, completion of work or premature closure
  • Workforce transfer from one location to another
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Compliance Master

  • User-defined compliance master to define various compliance applicable to the various units based on region, size, and other parameters
  • Contract master also have option to select if the type of contract is expiry annually or its for a period
  • Contract Compliance Upload option is available to make the process fast
  • Workforce compliance upload to ensure a large number of contractual employees can be managed by the contractor as well as by sanctioning authorities with ease.
  • Compliance Stages along with the sanctioning authorities can be user defined
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Contractor Self Service

  • Workflow to register new contract and assign him the login in details
  • Separate login for contractors to manage work assigned to them.
  • Self-service portal access for each contractor with executive view dashboard
  • The contractor can add a new contractual employee or entire workforce with complete information and details
  • Assign access group to the workforce through WorkForce Access Mapping
  • Assign workforce group to a specific location and contract number
  • Upload Contract Registration Compliances and send for approval to different authorities
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Multiple Detailed Reports Generation

Offers generation of various useful reports. Out of which few of them are:

  • Block/Unblock Reports
  • Form-B Register of Employees
  • HeadCount Report
  • Pending Registration & Compliance Report
  • Plant Entry Summary Report
  • Contract Status Report
  • Labour License Status Report
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Multiple Integration Possibilities

Spectra’s Contract Management Solution provides extensive integration possibilities with:

  • One click integration with Spectra’s attendance management, visitor management and access control systems
  • With canteen management system to manage contract visitors during lunch breaks
  • Seamless integration with Payroll Management Software Integration
  • Third party software including ERP for Data API integration that automate the addition of employee without human intervention
  • Integration with Active Director for SSO and also LDAP integration for the user master
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Robust Contract Management Software

Spectra provides the best web based contract management system software with alerts to proactively monitor labour, contractual obligations and ensure full compliance. This Contract Labour Management System is to keep pace with frequently changing regulations and complex business environments. Spectra solution becomes critical to the organizations to balance cost and stay compliant. Our solutions play a pivotal role by putting in a well-defined automated process. Our Contract Compliance Software helps you in synchronizing operations and strengthening the compliance program in your organization resulting in a holistic review of legal, compliance and operational efficiency.

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Contract Management Software Features

  • Robust speed, availability, and security, no matter where your people are
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compliance status visibility for all offices, branches, factories etc.
  • Separate contractor panel for contractors to log in from
  • Approve or Reject this compliance
  • Contractors can give access group to their workforce
  • Give access to attendance and access control devices by selecting location and contract number
  • Authorized person issues Access Card and gathers fingerprint of workforce
  • Access to the workforce on selected devices
  • Separate process for contract renewal
  • Contract exit process
  • Email alerts and escalations for compliance due dates
  • Upload contract registration related compliance for different authorities to approve
  • Allow super-users to easily change and configure the application to a new business process
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