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With about 20 years of experience in empowering the pharma and research industry, we understand the unique challenges and regulations when it comes to securing the pharmaceutical facilities. Spectra has offered its solutions to the most respected brand names in the pharma business, and we understand that the right technology is just the beginning of what it takes to build an effective research environment.

With solutions engineered for every room of the research center, we help you protect employees, documents, assets, and information in your pharma lab environment. Our wide range of products include fingerprint sensors, card readers and controllers that reduce risk, increase efficiency and enhance the security of your workplace environment.

Pharmaceutical & Research Infrastructure Requirements

Many organizations across the pharmaceutical industry face complex challenges and business risks. Understanding these challenges and responding with innovative solutions is what we do at Spectra.

  • Door Interlocking System (DIS) for clean rooms etc, to control dust/ airflow/temperature
  • High security around pharmacies, laboratories, and research areas
  • Notification of alarms and security breaches
  • Integration with other systems
  • Centralized multi-location time attendance system
  • A smart visitor management system
  • Access control system for laboratories with restrictions as per policies
  • Emergency control features with fire alarm and CCTV system integration
  • Flexibility in configuring access zones and job groups
  • Strict access control for highly secured areas
  • Ability to evacuate the whole or a portion of a site
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Securing Pharma Research Centres & Laboratories

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Spectra Solutions for any Pharma & Research Enterprise

Solutions that can monitor, control and report access and movement of employee and visitors, manage staff time and attendance, door interlocking and restrict access to prohibited medical areas.

    Controlled Access Management to Secured Areas

    Spectra offers integrated access control and monitoring system to laboratories allowing you to manage who has access to the research area, when, and for how long, while monitoring temperature and safety. The solution is designed for medical areas where security is a high priority, protecting sensitive drugs and medical supplies, while also monitoring the temperature.

    • Advanced Biometric fingerprint devices and readers with Bluetooth support
    • Controlled access according to personnel shift hours
    • Complete or partial site closure through access zones
    • Receives input from Fire detection system and initiates emergency alarm system for evacuation
    • Entry privileges for security and administrative staff during evacuations
    • Dual access verification available for Escort/Custodian use
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    Intelligent Door Interlocking for Pharma Industry

    At places like research laboratories, the security is of major concern as it is vulnerable to threats like product tampering. In order to avoid this, you need to restrict the access of the unauthorized users in the secured premises. Two or more doors are arranged in a sequence to regulate traffic, or control dust, temperature, and negative air pressure, where opening and closing of the door can be configured as per user requirements and needs.

    • Secure all the doors in the designated area
    • Quick management of traffic to critical areas
    • Reduce the risk of contamination for sensitive areas
    • Maintain pressure difference at a specific point
    • Buzzers for indicating unwanted events
    • Buzzer to indicate manhandling of the doors
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    Privacy Through Secured Visitor Management

    Spectra’s Visitor Management System for pharma research industry manages all types of physical identities and automates the entire visitor identity management lifecycle. It is a completely web-based solution that includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, registration, security checks, and access authorization, check-in/check-out, badge printing, and centralized reporting and audit trail functions.

    • Manage visitors to administrative or research areas
    • Complete history and past records, visitor/group wise with blacklisting facility
    • Self Service kiosk with Visitor app and integrated devices
    • Capture visitor information (e.g. fingerprint, photo, etc.) along with assets being carried inside for safety and security.
    • Pre-registration of planned visitors by staff and attendant
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    Centralised Multi-location Time & Attendance System

    Research centers are often open 24 hours a day and ask their staff to work in different or continuous shifts at times too. Many of the employees like assistants often get an extra hourly wage to work at certain times of the day or week. Hence Spectra comes with a complete solution that not only tracks these wage changes but also saves the time of gathering, collecting and sending the information using paper timesheets.

    • Ease of installation and integration with Fingerprint, Biometric, and Smart Card terminals
    • Anywhere and anytime accessibility via the web
    • Multiple reports with filter options for better insights
    • Minimize costs associated with unplanned absenteeism
    • Mapping of leave policy and reporting hierarchy for individuals
    • Know present employees with just click of a button
    • Easy import of staff data without tedious manual data entry
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    Smart Subsidized Canteen Management

    Spectra provides a complete canteen management solution for the research and pharmaceutical industry for ease and automation of your subsidized canteen workflow. Whether it is management or staff account management, fee collection, maintaining the inventory of day-to-day operations, meal entries or delivering high-quality informative reports, get all your tasks done through a single solution. It works on the card swipe system and provides complete information about the cost of each patient.

    • Proper planning and management of food
    • Meal configuration and current status
    • Prepaid and post-paid payment methods with balance recharge
    • Export data to payroll & billing software
    • Cashless transactions
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iApp – An Integrated Identity & Access Control Solution

for Pharmaceutical and Research Industry

A fully integrated, centrally managed system to monitor, control and report access and movement of staff and visitors, manage staff time and attendance, door interlocking and restricted access to prohibited medical areas among many other features.

Why Spectra Solutions

We strive to provide you with technologically advanced solutions, differentiated products
and unmatched services delivered within a flexible and cost-effective business model offering some
of the best values in the industry.

In-house Product Development

Our core strength is in-house product development of hardware devices and software applications. Hence, in the ever changing technology landscape, we have everything you look for - constant innovations, stringent quality control and custom offerings.

Vast Industry Specific Experience

Having catered to varied industries, we now have a sound knowledge bank of industry specific challenges & solutions. This has helped us immensely in developing in-depth holistic solution for each application.

Excellent Post Sales Support

Our channel partners are capable to handle first level product support and most of the customer queries gets settled there only, and for advanced queries we have 4 support channels - help desk, live chat, email and phone.

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