RFID Card Reader - UniStamp 2C Side

UniStamp 2C is a smart RFID card reader which is designed to support all latest RFID technologies and high aesthetics with an ultra-modern design and sleek form factor. This RFID reader device is flexible to control access as well as attendance recording functionalities. UniStamp 2C can be used as a single-door controller or can be used as a card or pin-pad reader as well. It can be used for high-security areas with an OTP-based mechanism to ensure the highest level of security.

Unistamp 2C is a thoroughly reliable device. It operates as a single-door network independent controller or can be used as a networked, IP-based device in a large ecosystem. It allows companies to cut on manual maintenance and hard costs, thus ensuring flawless performance in day-to-day situations.

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The Ultra Sleek Advantage

UniStamp 2C boasts of high aesthetics with an ultra-modern design. Its sleek form factor helps in installing the product directly on door panels and the light grey base color of the product blends well with most of the corporate environments.

Supports Multiple RFID Technologies

The device has an inbuilt EM reader and the option of having Mifare, HID iClass, and HID Prox readers. The 2.8" interactive display shows various information and authentication messages.

RFID Card Reader - UniStamp 2C Front
RFID Card Reader - UniStamp 2C With IP65

Agile Controller with Sufficient Memory

UniStamp 2C has a nimble 8-bit controller and sufficient data storage of 30,000 users. Moreover, it has a capacity to store 55,000 transaction events in order to ensure the timestamps are recorded while network outage.

Completely Safe & Protected

Product enclosure of this power-packed access control device is designed to meet IP65 standards of protection. This gives complete protection from dust particles, rainwater, airborne pollutants, and such other environmental threats.

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Smart Card Reader - UniStamp 2C

Inbuilt RJ45 Network Interface

Leveraging on the merits of IP-based networkable devices, UniStamp 2C can easily be hooked on to the existing TCP/IP network. Thus, data can be transferred in real-time mode to a centralized server for instant usage.

Field Upgradable Software

Facility to update device software on the site through ethernet interface. The product updates can easily be applied without the need of removing the device and sending it back to the service center.


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