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As the leader in integrated identity products and services, Spectra has been providing comprehensive identity and access control management solutions to a number of banking & financial facilities. With decades of in-depth understanding and experience securing the BFSI institutions, we have the expertise to help protect your employees, facilities, business operations, and investments so that you can ultimately focus on your bottom line - your customers.

From site surveys to implementing powerful biometric devices, Spectra offers completely integrated market-leading solutions for banks and financial institutions that comply to your business protocols and ethical business conduct. The largest and most comprehensive range of biometric and card-based access control and door interlocking system devices to meet your facility's custom needs in order to save costs, improve efficiency and the overall customer experience.

Banking & Financial Infrastructure Requirements

Many organizations across the banking sector face complex challenges and business risks. Understanding these challenges and responding with the most suitable solution is what we do at Spectra.

  • Configurable floor access map for security monitoring.
  • Controlled access according to personnel shift hours.
  • Entry privileges during evacuations for security and administrative staff.
  • Complete visitor movement control across the premises.
  • Complete or partial site closure through access zones.
  • Centralized planning and control of working hours/ holidays / leaves.
  • Tamper-detection to identify any breaches.
  • Restrict access in secured areas.
  • Defining and tracking time-attendance for field employees.
  • 24X7 monitoring of high-risk areas.
  • Limited access to designated floors by defined personnel.
  • Custodian/guardian or multi-authentication rule-based access for additional security.
  • Time-based anti-passback or dead man zone to keep your security personnel active.
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Spectra Solutions for BFSI Organisations

Our solutions can take complete care of the safety of banks and their staff, control locker room access, and manage security and emergency communication with complete monitoring and control.

Elevator Access Control - EAC

    Restricted Access Control to Secured Areas

    Whether you’re a large financial institution or an independent bank, physical access is necessary to not only safeguard your customers and employees but also protect your assets. There are certain critical areas that require high security, and Spectra offers a range of solutions that cater to all the needs of the BSFI industry. Spectra’s comprehensive access control solution is designed for such areas that contain valuable assets of its customers such as cash, gold, data, documents, etc.

    • Access to multiple facilities through one interface.
    • Custodian rule for locker areas to ensure the first entry of a designated person.
    • Multiple Authentication Rule to allow access only when max. three users use their access rights simultaneously.
    • Manage multiple branches and locations.
    • Supports up to 65,000 devices and one million users.
    • Easy integration with CCTV and Video Surveillance for real-time alarm monitoring.
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Elevator Access Control - EAC

    Centralised Multi-location Time & Attendance System

    Banking organizations have been needing a streamlined system that saves the time of gathering, collating the data, using paper timesheets, and then sending the information to the head office. Spectra’s Time & Attendance Solution meets all the demands of time management, multi-site connectivity, and centralized reporting along with leave and holiday management.

    • Ease of installation and integration with Fingerprint, Biometric, and Smartcard terminals.
    • Anywhere and anytime accessibility via the web.
    • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights.
    • Minimize costs associated with unplanned absenteeism.
    • Mapping of leave policy and reporting hierarchy for individuals.
    • Know about the employees present with just click of a button.
    • Easy import of staff data without tedious manual data entry.
    • Easy-to-use employee portal to apply and sanction leaves from anywhere.
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Elevator Access Control - EAC

    Privacy Through Secured Visitor Management

    Maintain operational efficiency and offer positive customer experience allowing every visitor – from vendors and suppliers to corporate visitors – the right access to the right facilities. A solution that not only streamlines the flow of visitors but also keeps a track on them.

    • Complete history and past records, visitor/group wise.
    • Self-service kiosk with Visitor app and integrated devices.
    • Captures visitor information including fingerprint, photo, assets being carried inside the premises, etc.
    • Pre-registration of planned visitors by staff and employees.
    • Second level visitor verification security with SMS OTP.
    • Custom color badges with a barcode, photograph, personal information, and other details.
    • Alert and notify specific contacts when a particular visitor arrives.
    • Send security alerts when unwanted visitors attempt to sign in.
    • Block list or watchlist a particular employee or company.
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Elevator Access Control - EAC

    Robust Elevator Card or Fingerprint Access System

    Currently, many of the banking and financial buildings still allow unsecured access to their elevators and lobbies which may lead to a security vulnerability that could expose the employees and premises to a dangerous degree. Spectra’s elevator access control systems provide access control and security monitoring to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering protected areas of the facility.

    • Eliminate the need to depend on manual security of your premises.
    • Significantly reduce security expenses.
    • Create visitor categorizations such as owners, service staff, or new visitors.
    • Easy integration with CCTV and video surveillance cameras for 24X7 monitoring.
    • In case of emergency, elevator access control systems can assist with the evacuation of personnel and restrict other occupants from accessing affected floors.
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iApp – An Integrated Identity & Access Control Solution

for The Banking & Finance Industry

A fully-integrated, centrally managed all-in-one software solution for banks, finance, and BFSI institutions to monitor, control, and report access and movement of employees, contractual staff as well as visitors, centrally manage staff time and attendance across all locations of the organization along with door interlocking, elevator management, and restricted access to highly sensitive areas.

Why Spectra

We strive to provide you with technologically-advanced solutions, a range of products that are
singularly unique, and unparalleled service support in a flexible, cost-effective business model
for absolute convenience.

In-house Product Development

Our core strength is in-house R&D of hardware devices as well as software applications making Spectra one of the few OEMs to do both together. Hence, in the ever-changing technological landscape, we have everything you look for - constant innovations, stringent quality control, and relentless accuracy.

Vast Industry Specific Experience

Having catered to varied industries, we have a solid knowledge bank of industry-specific challenges & solutions. This has helped us immensely in developing in-depth, holistic solutions for each application of access control systems for financial institutions. We understand the importance of knowing our clients’ needs.

Excellent Post Sales

Our expert channel partners ensure first-level product support and strive to settle queries without escalations. For advanced queries, we have 4 support channels - help desk, live chat, email, and phone.

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