Door Interlocking System - DIT Front

Spectra’s intelligent Door Interlocking System – DIT is fully programmable for up to 8 doors. This controller terminal prevents the simultaneous opening of airlock/change room doors by ensuring that only one door is kept open at a time. Audio-visual event indicators like the buzzer and LEDs immediately alert the system admin regarding any activity.

Spectra’s DIT facilitates easy monitoring and management of traffic and prevents contamination with its top-of-the-range interlock technology. This system is best used in pharmaceutical establishments and in places where air pressure is mandatory to be maintained.

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Remarkable Door Interlocking Terminal

Spectra’s Door Interlocking System can control up to 8 doors with one master controller. The interlocking terminal is easily programmable on the site and has dedicated ports for door position sensors and emergency switches with an inbuilt IR sensor.

Secure Programming and Communication Interface

Equipped with a RS485 interface for configuring various parameters of the controller, DIT is also laced with highly secured RS485-based communication alternatives. The alarms can be monitored with an optional LORA technology.

Door Interlocking System - DIT Side
Door Interlocking System - DIT With Led On

Door Interlocking Terminal with Maximum Flexibility

Say goodbye to cables with this standalone master-slave communication interlocking system which has an inbuilt IR sensor for contactless switching operations. Each node has individual IOs for door position status, access switches, fire signal, hooters, and more.

  • Integrated IR Switch
  • IP65 Rated Housing
  • Tri Color LED
  • RJ-485 Communication
  • Alarm Monitoring (Optional)
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Thoughtful Design for Your Custom Needs

A large number of customizable options have been provided with Spectra's DITs like door type, lock opening time, the maximum duration the door remains open, etc. You can define triggers and actions based on field events like unlocking all doors, starting AHU, switching on lights, starting hooters, and so on.

Trilcolor LED for Door Status Monitoring

Separate LEDs for different door event statuses are provided like emergency open commands, waiting duration, forcefully opened doors, door released, door locked, etc. You can easily configure door security events, for example, in case of forceful access or emergencies/accidents.

User-Configurable Door Matrix

Spectra’s DITs offer you the flexibility to choose the mode of operation as per your requirement. You can configure your preferred combinations of doors to lock or unlock and also have multiple interlock logics for the same door. You can decide 'door lock behavior' based on the status of the door nearby.

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