Spectra brings an impeccable Door Interlocking System – DIT 200, DIT 400, DIT 800, for its valued clients, that can manage up to 2,4 and 8 doors respectively. To automatically secure all the doors in the designated area, this door interlocking system is meticulously designed to ensure that just one door remains unlocked or open at a time. For enhanced security the terminals are also laced with audio and visual indicators such as a buzzer and LED indicators.

This door interlocking system can handle 2 to 8 doors at a time, letting its user easier and quicker management of traffic to critical areas. It even prevents unwanted contamination of sensitive areas with its top-of-the-range of interlock technology. With Spectra’s intelligent DIT solutions you can not only exercise better control on access to important areas but even reduce the risk of contamination. This Door Interlock System for Pharma Industries, Laboratories, Clean room, Operation Theatre etc. is mainly utilized where the pressure difference is required to maintain at a specific point.

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Control Upto 8 Doors

Spectra’s Door Interlocking System can control up to 8 door with one controller. This programmable at site interlocking terminal even has dedicated ports for door position sensor & emergency switches.

Programming and Communication Interface

This door interlocking system has a USB interface for configuring parameter of the controller. Along with Ethernet and RS485 based communication options, RTC option is available.

Door Interlocking Terminal
with Maximum Flexibility

This DIT Controller has large number of on board IOs for door position status, access switches, fire signal, hooters, etc. The controller has reduced cabling and can be configured to switch had switchless modes too.

  • 2/4/8 Door
    Interlocking Panel
  • MCB for Overcurrent
  • Switch & Switchless
    Mode Configurable
  • User Configurable
    Door Matrix
  • USB interface
    for programming
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User Configurable Door Matrix

You can choose mode of operation as per your requirement. It offers you a flexibility to select combinations of doors to lock or unlock and to have multiple interlock logic for same door. You can decide door lock behavior based on surrounding door status.

Meticulous Design for Your Custom Needs

Large number of customizable options like door type, lock open time, max. door open time. Define triggers and actions based on field events (Unlock all doors, start AHU, start/switch lights, start hooter)

Indicators for Enhanced Security

LED’s for different door event status like emergency open, waiting, forcefully open etc. (door released, door locked). Configure events like door open, force open, emergency, door open for too long, multiple doors open, fire, etc.

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