Spectra’s Elevator Access Control (EAC) helps you practice better control over your facility. The software is easy to customize and it works in tandem with user-specified needs like time zone preferences. It supports the fail-safe mode which means even during power failures, the EAC elevator continues to work in normal mode allowing movement to every floor.

Spectra’s lift access control system beefs up your elevator security with its embedded network interface and eases connectivity. It is simple to install, configure, and operate. It eliminates the need to depend on manual guarding of your premises and in the long run reduces costs. The software creates visitor categorizations such as owners, service staff or new visitors. It lets the users implement elevator access control policies that enable tighter security and flexibility in their facility.

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Supports Group of 16 Floors

One EAC supports up to 16 floors including the ground floor and the basement. An extra EAC panel can be attached to the current one for expansion of floors via an FRC connector.

Get the Benefit of Fail-Safe Mode

It supports fail-safe mode which means even during power failure of EAC, the elevator car continues to work in normal mode, wherein, it allows movement of everyone to every floor.

Elevator access control solution

Offer Limited Access to
Specific Floors

Smart cards can be issued to tenants, and card readers in the elevator determine what floors people can access. Our Elevator Access Control solution can control lifts and floor access and prevent unauthorized people from entering restricted floors.

  • Spectra - Biometrics Devices and Access Control Systems16 Floor
  • Spectra - Biometrics Devices and Access Control Systems8 BIT, 42 MHz
  • Spectra - Biometrics Devices and Access Control SystemsConfigurable
    Wiegand Interface
  • Spectra - Biometrics Devices and Access Control SystemsCompact
  • Spectra - Biometrics Devices and Access Control SystemsInbuilt 10Mbps
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One Controller per Elevator Car

There should be one Elevator Access Controller (EAC) per elevator car. There is no communication between two distinct elevator cars and only one card/biometric reader can be interfaced, which will be inside the elevator.

Supports Elevator Car Floor Selection Button

The elevator floor buttons are used for programming the user cards in standalone mode. The programming mode is protected by a master card. On showing it one can add, edit, or delete a user card. While adding or editing, one can select floors where the user is allowed.

Inbuilt RJ45 Network Interface

Leveraging on the merits of IP based systems, it can easily be hooked up on the existing TCP/IP network. Thus, the data can be transferred instantaneously in real-time mode to a centralized server.

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