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Spectra understands the importance of having foolproof security protocols for offices. With solutions engineered specifically for corporate work environments, we help you protect your employees, documents, assets, and other critical information. Spectra's employee attendance system regulates and monitors every individual that enters and exits your office, ensuring no one gets to enter any area outside their access clearance.

At Spectra, we offer market-leading solutions and have the largest range of advanced security solutions and employee attendance system for offices of all scales and sizes. Our wide range of solutions for Access Control, Visitor Management, Canteen Management, Elevator Access and Employee Time & Attendance Management for the corporate sector greatly reduce risks, increase efficiency, and enhance the security of your workplace.

Enterprise and Corporate Office Infrastructure Requirements

Easy-to-use and feature-rich employee attendance management system that manage payroll, monitor office activity, and boost security for corporates and office buildings of any scale and size.

  • Track and monitor every person entering and leaving your office.
  • Give exclusive access to employees for particular doors.
  • Maintain logs for each access made through a door.
  • Control who enters the building and when.
  • Restrict entry to the premises after the shift schedule.
  • Control and monitor access remotely.
  • Integrate the framework with HR/Payroll systems.
  • Manage shifts based on departments, employee types, and multiple office locations.
  • Prevent unauthorised access during office hours.
  • Configure notifications for alarms and security breaches.
  • Set integration with third-party safety systems.
  • Enjoy a centralised, multi-location employee time & attendance system.
  • Enable visitor management with a smart visitor management system.
  • Evacuate the whole or a portion of a site immediately during crises.
  • Define multiple access rules based on various actual conditions.
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Securing Enterprise Building and Corporate Offices

Biometric security solution for corporate industry
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Spectra Solutions for Corporates and MNC office buildings

The most simple and effective solution for controlling office access, monitoring employee time and attendance, tracking visitors, and compiling data to minimise non-compliance risks and improve workforce productivity.

Best access control solution

    Restricted Access Control to Secured Areas

    Whether you’re a multinational company or a large corporate entity with offices at multiple locations, physical access control is necessary to not only safeguard your employees and visitors but protect your organisational assets too. Certain critical areas require high security and Spectra offers a range of solutions that cater to all the needs of the corporate industry.

    • Access to multiple facilities and locations through a single interface.
    • Custodian Rule for locker/secure areas to ensure initial access only from a designated employee.
    • Multiple Authentication Rule to allow access when three (max.) users use their access rights together.
    • Management of multiple branches and locations.
    • Active support of up to 65,000 devices and one million users.
    • Easy integration with CCTV and video surveillance for real-time alarm monitoring.
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Best attendance management solution

    Centralised, Multi-location Time & Attendance System

    Spectra’s Time & Attendance Solutions meet all demands of time management, multi-site connectivity, and centralised reporting along with leave and holiday management. Scan your fingers, use smart cards or even mobile phones for Bluetooth access and Spectra’s employee attendance tracking records the exact time, date, and location of the transaction along with the user’s identity.

    • Ease of installation and integration with fingerprint, biometric, and smart card terminals.
    • Anywhere and anytime accessibility via the web.
    • Multiple reports with various filters for better insights.
    • Cost minimization against unplanned absenteeism.
    • Leave policy mapping and reporting hierarchy for employees.
    • Status of employees present with just a click of a button.
    • Quick staff data import without tedious manual entries.
    • Easy-to-use employee portal to apply and sanction leaves from anywhere.
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Best visitor management solution

    Privacy Through Secure Visitor Management

    Maintain operational efficiency and offer a positive experience allowing every visitor – from vendors and suppliers to corporate clients – the right access to the right facilities. Integrate our corporate employee attendance system with our visitor management solution that not only streamlines the flow of visitors but also keeps constant track of their movements. 

    • View complete history and records anytime with visitor-wise/group-wise/blacklist filters.
    • Easily use the visitor management app and its integrated devices via a self-service kiosk.
    • Enable staff and attendants to pre-register planned visitors.
    • Get complete data records such as visitor fingerprints, photos, personal belongings, etc.
    • Employ second-level visitor verification security with SMS OTP.
    • Customise colored badges with a barcode, photograph, personal information and relevant details.
    • Alert and notify specific contacts when a particular visitor arrives.
    • Send security alerts when unwanted visitors attempt to sign in.
    • Put visitors or companies on blocklist or watchlist for scrutiny.
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Best canteen management solution

    Simplified Subsidised Canteen Management

    Bridge the gap between your company’s canteen and its optimal usage with a solution that is easy to install, run, and maintain. Spectra’s smart and effective canteen management solution gives you the freedom to create activity-wise reports and logs for better management of day-to-day data. Split the data into staff, contractors, visitors, vendors, items, or class-wise for better study and analysis. It also offers reliable integration with third-party payroll or ERP systems.

    • Cashless cafeteria operations.
    • Customizable menu planning.
    • Menu schedule system.
    • Consumption status report.
    • Easy balance recharge.
    • Detailed reports for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly meals by employees.
    • Advanced booking facility for visitors/guests.
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Best contract management solution

    Track and Monitor your Contract Compliance

    Due to the impact on business practices, enterprises have already started relying on contracts to protect their interests and their assets. Hence, it is necessary to have a system that tracks and monitors your compliance. Spectra’s Contract Compliance Management Software keeps you adhered to the law and in compliance with statutory, regulatory, or internal compliances.

    • Robust speed, availability, and security, no matter where your people are.
    • Simple and easy to use.
    • Visibility on compliance statuses for all offices, branches, factories, etc.
    • Email alerts and escalations for compliance due dates.
    • Privilege to super-users to easily change and configure the application to a new business process.
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iApp – An Integrated Identity & Access Control System

for Enterprise Buildings and Corporate Offices

A fully-integrated, centrally managed system to monitor, control, and report access and movement of employees and visitors across the entire corporate office premises, manage staff time and attendance, and restrict access to critical areas like server rooms, among many other features.

Why Spectra Solutions

We strive to provide you with technologically-advanced solutions, a range of products that are
singularly unique, and unparalleled service support in a flexible, cost-effective business model
for absolute convenience.

In-house Product Development

Our core strength is in-house R&D of hardware devices as well as software applications making Spectra one of the few OEMs to do both together. Hence, in the ever-changing technological landscape, we have everything you look for - constant innovations, stringent quality control, and relentless accuracy.

Vast Industry Specific Experience

Having catered to varied industries, we have a solid knowledge bank of industry-specific challenges & solutions. This has helped us immensely in developing in-depth, holistic solutions for each employee attendance system application. We understand the importance of knowing our clients’ needs.

Excellent Post Sales

Our expert channel partners ensure first-level product support and strive to settle queries without escalations. For advanced queries, we have 4 support channels - help desk, live chat, email, and phone.

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