Visitor Management System

Spectra’s Visitor Management System is extremely simple to use, ensuring the check-in of a visitor in just 5 clicks. Various options like hassle-free visitor authentication through OTPs and visitor data-collection of fingerprints, photos, and personal belongings are some of the system’s basic features. Our visitor management system is one of the leading solutions in Indian markets. The advanced visitor identification software allows entry only to verified visitors, protecting your business against the challenging geopolitical environment.

Spectra's Visitor Management System can be used in a kiosk-based or tablet-based interface that captures, monitors, records, and recovers complete visitor information by the host. Our visitor management software comes with the option of front desk assistance, host (employee) self-service portal, and visitor self-service app or kiosk-based applications and is capable of handling large amounts of visitor data at a time, providing unbeatable security and flawless management. It can be configured to implement the highest level of safety and compliance.

Upgrade to a Simple and Smarter Visitor Management System

Spectra’s Visitor Management System monitors and safeguards movements of
visitors through your entire premises across buildings and work sites.

Smart & Express Registration

  • Option of completely user-defined visitor data field for capturing.
  • Reduce wait time, check-in your visitors as individuals or groups, faster than ever.
  • Captures visitor information including fingerprint, photo, assets being carried inside the premises among other data points.
  • Allows pre-registration of visitors before arriving on site reducing check-in time.
  • Facilitates second-level security by visitor verification with SMS OTP.
  • Optional visitor app on touch screen kiosk with integrated devices for self-service.
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Smart & Express Registration

Instant Badge Pass Creation

  • User-definable custom visitor badge formats that help employees easily recognize visitors as well as their credentials, clearance levels, and access durations.
  • Option of visitor sticker or visitor pass.
  • Visitor badge printing from email, SMS, or kiosk to ensure a rapid and secure check-in.
  • Badges can have barcode for express checkout.
  • Badges with different colors for different category of visitors.
  • Field of the badge can also be user-defined to include all the required information as per the policies of the organization.
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Visitor identification system

Instant alerts and notifications

  • Automatic SMS/email alerts to visitor/host against registration, arrival, and cancellation.
  • All the templates of email/SMS alerts are user-defined to suit the organizational requirements.
  • Customized notifications in emergencies to all visitors to ensure their safety.
  • Alert specific contacts when VIPs arrive.
  • A host of notification features for the security team like breach of visit duration, visitors not yet exited at the end of the day, etc.
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Notification - Solution Feature

Visitors Movement Control

  • Visitor movement control can be exercised by integrating the access control system and issuing visitors the access to areas of their visit.
  • Blacklist visitor/company for known trouble-makers.
  • Watchlist visitors can be tracked by specific sets of group upon entering the premises.
  • Record entry/exit by a barcode scanner or fingerprint readers at various other locations in secured premises.
  • Separate email/SMS notification to different hosts in case of multiple appointments with different employees, wherein one host is aware of the other’s appointment.
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Tracking - Solution Feature Image

View Detailed Reports

  • A comprehensive MIS that provides reports on your visitors’ visits, stay duration, host of the visitors, and many such records. Practically view who is visiting whom, how frequently, for how long, etc.
  • Complete view of visit patterns at different branches/offices within a centralized system.
  • Extensive daily, weekly, or monthly visit report-generation in various formats like PDF, CSV, and Excel, etc.
  • Multiple Search criteria such as visitor type, entry time, departure time, visitor name and access authorization, etc. provided in real-time to identify data trends.
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Detailed reports

Integration with existing systems

  • One-click integration with Spectra’s Physical Access Control system.
  • Conference/meeting room management with calendar view.
  • Active Directory integration for the SSO and employee-master automation.
  • Biometric and RFID reader integration.
  • Barcode / QR Integration.
  • Integration with the Kiosk system and Apple Air Tab for visitor self-service.
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Integrated access control solution

Best Visitor Management System

Spectra’s futuristic Visitor Management System is a comprehensive VMS with many features and benefits for any medium or large enterprise like corporate organisations, schools, hospitals, etc. Our visitor management system comes with a dual interface of client-server application and web browser support in a multi-user environment to ensure enhanced security. There is an option of web-based visitor management or window-based standalone visitor management system as well. Our smart visitor identification software not only simplifies appointment scheduling and gives its users greater control over their site, but is also easy to customize as per specific needs.

Visitor management software
  • Photographic
    Records of
  • Restricted
    Access of
  • Customized
  • Appointment
    Scheduling &
  • Customized
    for Specific
  • Integrated with
    Dymo Visiting
    Card Scanner

Visitor Management System Features

Spectra's VMS (Visitor Management System) not only simplifies appointment-scheduling that gives its users greater control but is also easy to customize as per specific needs.

  • Client/Server architecture with web client support.
  • Easy installation and deployment with Spectra’s assistance.
  • Stunning UI & UX with user-friendly GUI and entry screens.
  • Dashboard with active visitors and visitor summary count.
  • Integrates with Spectra’s Access Control Software.
  • Walk-in, repeated, and pre-registered visitor management.
  • Visitor pass with visitor’s photo, credentials, and printing capabilities.
  • Suitable to all industrial sectors – corporate offices, schools, industrial plants, banks, etc.
  • Entry of assets being carried.
  • Configure your pass, terminals, access rights easily with blacklist management.
  • Appointment scheduling and reporting.
  • Restrict visitor access to specific zones on your premises.
  • Software user rights administration.
  • Email/SMS to visitors prior to appointment.
  • Analytics and Reporting with advanced data search.
  • User-customizable visitor pass format.
  • Track entry, exit, and movement of visitors.
  • Special application for Commercial Building, IT parks, SEZ, and alike.
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Why Spectra Visitor Management Systems

We strive to provide you with technologically-advanced solutions, a range of products that are
singularly unique, and unparalleled service support in a flexible, cost-effective business model
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In-house Research & Development

Our core strength is in-house R&D of hardware devices as well as software applications making Spectra one of the few OEMs to do both together. Hence, in the ever-changing technological landscape, we have everything you look for - constant innovations, stringent quality control, and relentless accuracy.

Vast Industry Specific Experience

Having catered to varied industries, we have a solid knowledge bank of industry-specific challenges & solutions. This has helped us immensely in developing in-depth, holistic solutions for each visitor management system application. We understand the importance of knowing our clients’ needs.

Excellent Pre & Post Sales Support

A dedicated team to support partners and end-users to ensure timely resolution of queries make our offerings not only product-specific but also service-centric. Our expert channel partners ensure first-level product support and strive to settle queries without escalations, thus, managing healthy SLA’s.

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