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Spectra is the Best Access Control System Manufacturer that provides coherent biometric access security solutions which control accessibility within an organization, including confidential and critical areas. Spectra's access control systems achieve compliance easily, provide disruption-free operation, gauge access levels, and provide accurate headcount at the premises during crisis. Our adaptable access control software together with durable hardware offers completely controlled access and ensures better safety of high-value resources.

Spectra's Access Control Systems ably perform flawless authentication and authorization for heightened business security. With a user-friendly interface, Spectra's door access control system is a self-sufficient framework that enables users to operate it easily on their own without help. Spectra’s comprehensive Access Control Solutions give your organization the freedom to operate in an uninterrupted and secure environment.

Access Control System Highlights

Protect your assets with an access control system that is not only flexible and scalable to your business needs but is also smart and adapts to the organization. Decide who, where, and when can access your organization.

Secured Credential Management

  • Create and revoke credentials as customers and employees come and go or simply change roles, and as business processes and policies evolve.
  • Offer employee identification and access through various credentials – Biometric (Fingerprint), Proxy card, Mifare, Barcode, password authentication, RFID Tags and BLE (Bluetooth) Tags.
  • Single enrolment for the entire facility, or various facilities around the world, with multiple access permissions.
  • Assign password policies for software access.
  • Integration with internal Identification Management Software (IDAM).
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Credential management solution

Configuration & Management

  • Configure entry and exit readers.
  • Assign Door Action templates for all devices.
  • Give exclusive access to employees for particular doors.
  • 1024 configurable access groups to control when and where a user has access.
  • Define up to 127 access zones.
  • Configure event actions and input actions for all local and global devices.
  • Set parameters for Internal/External Buzzer & LED parameters for Access Allowed or Denied.
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Access control configuration and management

Define Multiple Access Rules

  • Employee/group wise door access rules including limited access to specific doors.
  • Anti-passback – Local/Global, Concentric layer/Logical anti-passback, & Time-based anti-passback.
  • Custodian User rule to ensure the first entry of the designated person in defined work areas.
  • Multi-Authentication Rule to allow access only when max. three users use their access rights simultaneously.
  • Block user for absenteeism on exceeding the attempt limit.
  • Muster Point Configuration for all employees to punch at during an emergency.
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Best access control management system

Audit Trails and Event Reports

  • Administration logs record every change made in the system with time stamps and administrator/user details.
  • Separate, detailed logs for users, devices, notifications, errors, and service reports.
  • Audit log report facilitates verification process for the Auditor.
  • Date and time-wise periodic access reports separating valid/invalid/undefined access details.
  • Reports available in MSExcel & a non-editable, crystal report format.
  • Import & export of the card’s database with details of activation and deactivation.
  • Alarms and events can be exported and saved offline.
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Audit Trail Solution

Completely Scalable and Flexible

  • Complete scalability as per your company’s growth.
  • No hassle of adding new locations, new users, & new doors.
  • IP-based solid architecture supports up to 65,000 devices (4-door/2-door/single-door devices).
  • Users can be extended to over 10,00,000 even under a single solution.
  • Automatic software updates eliminate the need for a dedicated IT staff.
  • Device Monitoring dashboards manage large number of access control devices with ease.
  • Solutions can be customized as per the client’s requirements to ensure covering the last mile.
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Scalable and flexible access control solution

Integration Capacities

  • Attendance management, visitor management, and canteen management systems.
  • Contract Compliance Solutions to manage contract resources.
  • Any third-party ONVIF-compliant surveillance systems.
  • CCTVs for video surveillance to capture access attempts.
  • Fire detection systems to unlock all doors and initiate an emergency alarm system with a single input.
  • Elevator Access Control to offer secured access to elevators.
  • Ready Integration with the Payroll software with limited customization.
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Integrated access control solution

Best Access Control System

At Spectra, we are the leading manufacturers of door access control systems in India. Our software solutions are easily compatible with Spectra’s RFID and biometric devices. Spectra’s web-based access control software is the industry’s most scalable and versatile solution that fully suits business needs. Spectra’s ACS links to a host of ID Devices including proximity, biometric, smart cards readers, and Bluetooth readers. All of this are further linked under a single platform, assisting in effective employee management, online movement tracking, controlling user access on different doors, among many other functions. We create some of the most progressive door access systems in the market.

Access control software
  • Online Access
    Control &
  • Integrated
    Access & Visitor
  • Multiple Identification
    Technologies &
    Device Support
  • User Logs
    With Audit
    Trail Facility
  • Seamless Integration
    With Legacy
    Software Systems

Access Control Software Features

A comprehensive access control system with the best-in-class features designed to facilitate control over accessibility to confidential areas in an organization.

  • Robust client-server architecture with a backend of Oracle and SQL.
  • 21 CFR chapter 11 of US FDA-capable software.
  • Multi-user operation with multi-level security.
  • Flexibility for user rights to assign module-wise & component-wise rights for better control.
  • Weigand bits configuration possibility from 26 bits to 64 bits.
  • Access to the premises based on active or resigned statuses of employees.
  • Door-wise local & timed anti-passback facility.
  • Door interlocking capability.
  • 65,000 Controllers supported on a single platform.
  • 127 User-defined access zones.
  • 1024 Access groups and 30 Week-off groups.
  • 10 different Holiday groups – 30 Holidays per group.
  • Configurable GPI (General Purpose Input) for monitoring alarm events.
  • Configurable GPO (General purpose output) for alarms.
  • Temporary card module for seamless operation if users forget their card.
  • Configure opening time, mode of entry for doors in defined parameters.
  • Fail-safe & fail-secure lock interface support.
  • Employee/group-wise door access rules with up to 1000 exclusive gate access rules.
  • Maximum/minimum room occupancy rule support.
  • Employee-wise access limit to designated doors per day.
  • Configurable floor access map for accurate security monitoring.
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Why Spectra Access Control Solutions

We strive to provide you with technologically-advanced solutions, a range of products that are
singularly unique, and unparalleled service support for absolute convenience.

In-house Research & Development

Our core strength is in-house R&D of hardware devices as well as software applications making Spectra one of the few OEMs to do both together. Hence, in the ever-changing technological landscape, we have everything you look for - constant innovations, stringent quality control, and relentless accuracy.

Vast Industry Specific Experience

Having catered to varied industries, we have a solid knowledge bank of industry-specific challenges & solutions. This has helped us immensely in developing in-depth, holistic solutions for each biometric access control application. We understand the importance of knowing our clients’ needs.

Excellent Pre & Post Sales Support

A dedicated team to support partners and end-users to ensure timely resolution of queries make our offerings not only product-specific but also service-centric. Our expert channel partners ensure first-level product support and strive to settle queries without escalations, thus, managing healthy SLA’s.

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