An innovative Wireless Fingerprint Reader Device, BioRover 3S is an advanced handheld biometric device from Spectra. It is battery operated and supports multiple RFID technologies. BioRover 3S has a high resolution large sized touchpad display. The device has varied connectivity options like Wi-Fi, GSM, USB along with GPS tracker to track the device for various applications. Fingerprint template can be stored on Mifare card to facilitate data portability and unlimited users.

Keeping in mind its outdoor application, this wireless fingerprint device has an inbuilt Lithium Polymer battery that can handle more than 12 hours of intense usage. The handheld biometric device is protected with a rubber gasket around it. This ensures it has a good grip along with an elegant look and feel. Moreover, BioRover 3S can be easily upgraded at the site with the help of a USB interface.

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Rugged Optical Fingerprint Sensor

Ensure unrivaled accuracy and best verification results with this battery operated handheld biometric device. Its auto finger update helps in keeping track of finger changes over the period thus takes care of dry, wet and swollen fingers.

Smart device for a Smarter Environment

With inbuilt EM reader and option of having Mifare, HID iClass and HID Prox readers, this wireless fingerprint device supports all the popular RFID technologies.

Automatic Updates to keep you Future Ready

Facility to on-site update the device software through USB interface. The product updates can easily be applied without the need of removing device and sending it back to the service center.

Supports Multiple Technologies

BioRover 3S can communicate with the host computer via inbuilt WiFi, USB and GPRS too. So, now you can even tag your data location with an inbuilt GPS option. It also supports protocols such as TCP/IP IPv4, HTTP, SSL and even the popular 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity.

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Tough Features for Rough Use

The inbuilt lithium polymer battery handles over 12 hrs of heavy usage opening it up for various applications like mining sites, school buses, classrooms, infrastructure sites, etc. Also, keeping in mind mostly outdoor usage, a rubber gasket around the device gives it a good grip along with appropriate shape and compact size.

Futuristic Biometric Device

Battery operated wireless fingerprint device with reliable authentication by fingerprint and RFID technologies. Large sized high resolution TFT display with touchpad. Option of personalizing the display screen by adding company logo in specified display area.


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