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We at Spectra understand the unique challenges and regulations when it comes to empowering and securing school and college campuses. With solutions engineered for every educational institution, we help you protect your students, teachers, documents, facilities and equipments. Studies reveal that schools with access control systems implemented across the campus show a 10% decrease in violence during school hours.

At Spectra, we offer market-leading solutions and provide the largest range of advanced security solutions to meet your campus's specific needs. Our wide range of products across Physical Access Control, Visitor Management, Canteen Management and Attendance Management for the Education sector include fingerprint sensors, card readers and controllers that reduce risk, increase efficiency and enhance security in order to empower your smart educational campus.

School and College Campus Requirements

Schools, colleges and other education centers face numerous complex challenges at their workplace. Understanding them and responding with innovative solutions is what we do at Spectra.

  • Prevention of unauthorised access during school hours
  • Full reporting through particular card or access point
  • Cashless Cafeteria Operations
  • Confirm identity when students enter an examination centre
  • Preset facility access rights according to the course schedule
  • Multiple functions in one card / Multi-purpose cards
  • Protect the school property when rooms are not in use
  • Controlled Absenteeism
  • Ability to evacuate or lock, whole or portion of the campus
  • Reduction of theft of equipment
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Securing Learning and Educational Institutions

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Spectra Solutions for any School, College and University Campus

Solutions that can monitor, control and report access and movement of students, staff and visitors, manage their time and attendance, canteen management and restrict access to areas based different schedules.

    Secured Access to the Entire Campus

    With Spectra’s access control solution, any educational institution can limit access to certain buildings or parts of a building ­where the user or the admin can define which areas staff, students and visitors can access. It is a simple and easy solution to meet compliance, gauge access levels and keep a watch on the number of personnel in your premises. Maintain employee management, monitor movement online and control user access on different doors

    • Access to multiple facilities and locations through one credential
    • Centrally manage multiple branches and locations
    • Supports up to 65,000 devices and one million users
    • Easy integration with CCTV and Video Surveillance for real-time alarm monitoring
    • Customizable entry privileges during evacuations or lockouts for security and administrative staff
    • Dual access verification for critical areas like laboratories
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    Centralised Multi-location Time & Attendance System

    Our smart Time & Attendance solution uses fingerprint or smart card identification to save time in attendance processing and the solution records the exact time, date and location of the transaction along with the user’s identity. Now get real-time data of all the students and staff and bring the entire workforce on a single platform. Eliminate the expense of compiling multiple payrolls from different locations across school districts.

    • Know present students with just click of a button
    • Can be accessed from anywhere, anytime via the web
    • Mapping of leave policy and reporting hierarchy for individuals
    • Easy import of student & staff data without tedious manual data entry
    • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights
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    Privacy Through Secured Visitor Management

    With increasing number of security breaches in the education sector, get your campus a completely reliable and customizable visitor management solution that is hassle-free and compliant with the visitor data collection and auditing. Whether a single entry or in bulk, get app synchronized data generated to allow limited access. Get a complete record of data such as visitor fingerprint, photo, assets he brings in and other vital details.

    • Check in all types of people coming to your campus: students, staff, contract labors, visitors, deliveries, etc.
    • Complete history and past records, visitor/group wise with blacklisting facility
    • Capture visitor information (e.g. fingerprint, photo, etc.) along with assets being carried inside for safety and security
    • Pre-registration of planned visitors by staff
    • Message staff with alerts and notifications
    • Automatically notify when any visitor arrives
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    Simplified Subsidized Canteen Management

    Bridge the gap between your campus canteen and its usage with a solution that is easy to install, run and maintain. Spectra’s smart and effective canteen management solution gives you the freedom to create activity-wise reports and logs for better management of day-to-day data. Further split the data into students, teachers, vendors, items or class-wise for better study and analysis. It also offers reliable integration with third-party payroll or ERP systems.

    • Proper planning and management of food
    • Meal configuration and current status
    • Prepaid and post-paid payment methods with balance recharge
    • Details for daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly report meal taken by students or staff
    • Export data to payroll & billing software
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iApp – An Integrated Identity & Access Control Solution for
School & Educational Campus

A fully integrated, centrally managed system to monitor, control and report access and movement of employees and visitors, manage staff time and attendance and restricted access to prohibited areas among many other features.

Why Spectra Solutions

We strive to provide you with technologically advanced solutions, differentiated products
and unmatched services delivered within a flexible and cost-effective business model offering some
of the best values in the industry.

In-house Product Development

Our core strength is in-house product development of hardware devices and software applications. Hence, in the ever changing technology landscape, we have everything you look for - constant innovations, stringent quality control and custom offerings.

Vast Industry Specific Experience

Having catered to varied industries, we now have a sound knowledge bank of industry specific challenges & solutions. This has helped us immensely in developing in-depth holistic solution for each application.

Excellent Post Sales Support

Our channel partners are capable to handle first level product support and most of the customer queries gets settled there only, and for advanced queries we have 4 support channels - help desk, live chat, email and phone.

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