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21 May, 2021

Why Smart Access Control Systems Are Necessary for Security

What access control does for you is it stops any unauthorized person from entering a building or an area. With changing times, security is viewed as a fundamental necessity for homes, offices, shops, etc. More and more people have started taking the security of their facilities very seriously, which is why there are a lot of innovations happening in the space of access control. Smart access control systems have become the need of the hour, as we move from basic security protocols to intelligent ones. In this article, you shall read all about biometric access control systems in India, and how they prove to be beneficial for you.

How does an access control system work?

Physical access control basically creates a secure barrier between the visitor and the physical area. Only if the visitor is allowed to enter can he do so. These barriers can be in any form – it may be a locked door, a fence, or a turnstile. The idea is to enter the key – a biometric identifier, a PIN, or an access card to gain access to the particular area. This kind of system is essential for any good security plan, and as technology progresses, we should employ the latest kind of access control techniques available in order to not leave any loopholes in the security strategies.

How is a biometric access control system better?

We have been using conventional card-based access control methods for quite a few decades now, the most common example being rooms or elevators in a hotel. However, there are legit concerns regarding the flawlessness of this security method, where the system won’t know whether it was the actually authorized user or someone else who used the card to gain access. Moreover, access cards can be duplicated. But, with a biometric smart access control system, proxy punching avoidance is easily possible.

A biometric access control system responds to a unique kind of lock that accepts biometric identifiers as the key. The software and hardware of such a system are designed to work in combination with electronic door locks and the company’s directions on the authorization of personnel. These systems convert the guidelines provided about who has access to what (rooms, cubicles, etc.) into verification codes that lock and unlock the doors. A database with various access levels and lists of people who belong to each level would be provided by the company. According to the access level of the individual who is putting in the credentials, the system will monitor the locking mechanisms on various doors and barriers.

Biometric access control systems in India are becoming increasingly common, not only at workplaces but also in residential properties and small shops as people demand security and safety. The most common and popular, fingerprint access control, is easy to install, doesn’t cost much, can’t be broken or picked, and provides a significant amount of security. For homes, having the biometrics of family members integrated with the door locks will allow no one else to enter the house. If anyone tries, the lock will trigger an alarm that can alert people, and a technologically upgraded locking mechanism can also send an alert message on the phone number or email account registered. For offices, a biometric fingerprint attendance system will not only account for the number of employees present but will also ensure that no one apart from the workers is able to enter the office unnecessarily. One of the best biometric attendance machines like BioScribe 3s from Spectra, which is powered with the latest technology, can help greatly in securing your workspaces.

Smart Access Control Systems

What is fascinating about access control systems is the ability to designate specific credentials for specific doors, and to also switch off access at any time. And, with smart access control systems, you do not need to be physically present on-site to execute all these commands. With flexible and smart online control via the web, your phone or laptop can become the remote control for all the access control points in your office. In other words, smart access control systems are powered with the help of smart devices and can be paired with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or GPS-enabled applications. This kind of devices can be considered the best biometric attendance machine for organizations.

To sum up, a leading smart access control system will not only determine who is allowed and who is not allowed to enter the building but will also control who has access to which area of the premises, even down to the smallest access points like file cabinets or drawers that may contain important documents. Smart access control systems can also have advanced features of distinguishing access by user, monitor employee movement and activity, and provide the employer with detailed security logs.

Which access control machine should you choose?

There are numerous access control system brands in India, so it is understandable that choosing the best biometric fingerprint attendance system or smart access control system is not going to be an easy task. For easy reference, here are some features to look out for while browsing the access control system brands:

  • IP65 Weather proof and Tamper proof
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and camera
  • Should support all the popular RFID technologies
  • Ultra sleek design

One of the best access control system is Spectra’s BioStamp 3s, which houses all of the above features and so much more to provide an absolute user-and-security experience. Click here to know more about it.

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