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Mobile App Access Control

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21 Jul, 2022

Why Access Control And Attendance Management Via Mobile App Is Becoming Popular?

Access control systems establish a superior level of security, whether it’s a commercial space or residential premises. In the last 10 years, even third-world countries have, in some way or the other, tried to implement access control systems to secure important data and assets. With development, this technology got integrated with the attendance management system as well. As a result, we have more sophistication and discipline in corporate organizations and better security. Nowadays, with everyone using a smartphone, access control via mobile apps is slowly gaining precedence. Research has suggested that more people prefer to use their own mobile device for access control as opposed to some unknown device or platform. Let’s get to know more about this user-friendly and futuristic development.

Your Takeaway

  • The Why: Access control with mobile applications is becoming increasingly popular
  • The Who & Where: Research says that people feel mobile app access control will be more secure
  • The How: It is a smart, convenient way to gain access or mark attendance

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Access Control with Mobile Application

You use your smartphone to perform a lot of big and small tasks of your day. From setting a morning alarm to set a meeting schedule, from scanning your face to unlock your phone to scanning QR codes for making payments, your mobile is home to a number of apps that help you ease your work and remember the important stuff.

So, the question that arises is why not use this essential device for securing access as well?

Access control and attendance management system manufacturers realized the potential of using mobile devices, mainly from a utilitarian point of view. This realization was strengthened even further with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting us, changing the way we performed everyday operations.

There was an increased demand from customers for improved security and safety measures to be implemented everywhere and that led to new developments in access control systems and biometric attendance systems, etc. With everyone wanting an upgrade in almost everything in life, access control OEMs decided to upgrade their software to be more mobile-friendly.

Not only access control, even the attendance management system began to benefit from this development by being introduced as a mobile app for employees. Now, employers could do away with paper-based/manual records of attendance and get accurate data of their employees’ whereabouts, at any time.

FAQ: What is mobile attendance system?

Employees of large-scale corporates and MNCs would already be familiar with the biometric attendance machine with a mobile app that they use to mark their attendance for the day. Eliminating the hassle of signing registers, or on-field employees having to first travel to the office to mark attendance, a mobile app for attendance management can provide immense flexibility to employees, and accurate information to employers.

Attendance System With Mobile App

Image Caption: Employee working out of the office marking her attendance via biometric attendance mobile app.

How Does Access Control with Mobile App Work?

With so many mobile software developers out there, not all access control apps would be the same. But let’s get an overall understanding of how an access control with the mobile app would function.

In the majority of cases, mobile access control would be a user-friendly application that may be powered by Bluetooth technology. This will enable phones to connect with an access control reader on a door.

The application can ensure that the connection between the phone and the reader is encrypted and secure, giving the user much-needed peace of mind. It also does away with the need to carry RFID cards or keys.

Access control system manufacturers would have users install the app on their phones, register themselves, set user credentials, and they’d be all set to start using their mobile device as an access card.

FAQ: Is there an app for taking attendance?

Yes, A mobile app for attendance captures and records employee data and updates attendance punches in real-time, even if the employee is outdoors.

It enables the user to scan their biometrics like fingerprint or face on the app and mark their attendance. Such mobile software not only saves time and effort but also provides a feeling of sophistication and convenience to both the employees and employers.

Access Control With Mobile App

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Benefits Of Access Control and Attendance with Mobile App

If we think that mobile software for access control or biometric attendance only extends ease and sophistication, then we are selling it quite short. Even, in brief, there are still a host of benefits that this advanced technology brings to the table:

  • Easy and simple operations
  • Improved and reliable security
  • Effective management of remote offices
  • Efficient storage of access reports
  • Access to specific locations only to authorized users
  • Effortless system to grant or revoke access
  • Affordable cost and quick installation

For all the employers asking “How can I track my employee attendance online?”, the application can give you reports on the exact time and location your employee punched his/her attendance from. You may be a start-up or an established company, and the benefits provided by such functionality are beneficial for all.

These futuristic changes, once made, become an indispensable part of the organization’s working culture. It is no surprise that more and more organizations are eliminating printed IDs, key cards, and documents over mobile software.

Spectra Mobile App for Access Control – Biot

At Spectra, we have always made efforts to stay ahead of the curve and provide the latest technologies to our clients and users. Our range of access control solutions and biometric attendance system devices have incorporated the best-in-class hardware and software specifications that cater to all industries and companies of any scale and size.

Our latest offering, Biot, is a mobile app for access and attendance management system for SMEs. With an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive menu options, employees can practically perform all their office/HR-related tasks from the palm of their hand.

Whether you want to access your boss’s cabin or enter and exit your office premises, you can do that with the Biot mobile app. You can apply for leaves or outdoor duty without going to HR and filling out elaborate paperwork.

It is a convenient move for the HR departments as well since they won’t have to maintain physical records of applications and can access employee records digitally, any time, from anywhere.

Access Control Mobile App

A significant benefit of mobile app access and attendance management that Spectra has tapped with Biot is the affordability factor. Mobile-based access and attendance operations will no doubt cost less than complete software packages, not to mention the drastic cut of time that was usually spent installing and integrating the software with everything in the organization. This is the main reason why mobile app access and attendance management system is becoming increasingly popular among users.

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