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17 May, 2022

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Biometric Devices For Enterprise Security

Security systems are evolving rapidly in the world today as we are coming up with more and more things to safeguard. Defending our belongings has been a signature trait of the human race. And, with technology, the means and methods to do that have been changing and improving. From storing paper-based records as files and folders in a safe to creating backups on different drives and servers, we went on to invent cloud storage systems and digital lockers, creating various options to hold various kinds of information. Doing away with keys and PINs and passwords, we have now reached a stage where biometric locking devices have become one of the most common security mechanisms.

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Biometric access control and identity management systems have taken over the security landscape by a storm because of 2 main reasons:

  1. The absolutely reliable performance and results.
  2. The scope for constant developments as per industrial standards.

A biometric device identifies individuals based on their physiological and behavioral characteristics. With the help of IoT and cloud computing, this layer is advancing to many private and enterprise systems for security. Most business establishments today have turned to biometric devices and software, ranging from small wearable devices to high-security frameworks.

With this article, we attempt to highlight the profitability of investing in biometric technology.

What Is a Biometric System?

The more familiar we are with technology, the easier it is for us to understand how it benefits us. Owing to that, here’s a brief account of what a biometric system is.

Biometric Meaning in Simple Words

Humans possess some individual qualities that make each human being unique. A biometric system uses those singular aspects to identify individuals, aspects such as biometric fingerprint mapping, face recognition, and retina scans. Researchers have claimed that the shape of an individual’s ear, the way he/she walks and sits, unique body odor, the veins in his/her hand, and even facial contours are other unique biometric identifiers that can be harnessed for access control.

Fingerprint scanning is the most common form of biometric security. To read in detail about how biometric fingerprint recognition works, click here

The Role of Biometric Devices

Now, biometric devices use these many identification traits for verification which are then stored for future authentication. This process is called biometric authentication. As biometric authentication is deemed to be the most accurate and efficient, it has been employed in various sectors of society like healthcare, defense, law enforcement organizations, research centers, airports, etc. for better security and identity management.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Biometric Devices for Your Business

In a 2020 survey of more than 800 leaders in the technology industry, KPMG found that more than 50% of the leaders surveyed had reported increasing their investment in biometrics compared to the previous year.

Every company has its requirements and demands, therefore, the need for biometric security may vary, aspect or composition-wise. However, the primary provision remains the same – security and control. Let’s look at the most fundamental benefits of companies using biometric devices for authentication:

Easy to Operate and User Friendly

Setting up a biometric access control system is very easy. Biometric user transactions get updated in real-time so its record analysis is quick, and authentication hardly takes a full second. Maintenance of biometric devices and systems is minimal as they are based on state-of-the-art technology. And as far as the user experience is concerned, it is swift and convenient, and also sophisticated.

Keys Can’t Be Duplicated

As we’ve already established that biometrics identifiers are unique to each individual, there is a very odd chance of your biometric fingerprint or retina scan getting duplicated. Also, in order to verify yourself to gain access, you need to be present; you cannot proxy your attendance. Because of this factor that provides immeasurable reliability, biometric attendance machines are widely preferred in business organizations, government organizations, and even small to medium-sized offices that want to improve their security and track time attendance.

High Scalability

As companies grow, their security requirements become more elaborate. Biometric access control systems prove to be advantageous here as they are highly scalable and easily integrate with third-party apps or add server extensions. Companies’ security doesn’t need to be compromised or removed for newer systems or biometric devices to get installed. Instead, security protocols become stronger as the companies expand.

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Affordability and Accessibility

According to VIZpin, “Prices for biometric access control systems range from a total of $2,500 to $10,000 per door when you factor in the biometric scanner, electronic locking system, software integration, and installation. Higher adoption rates and the growing popularity of biometric technology, in general, have caused its price to fall in the last few years with fingerprint and face recognition being comparatively affordable against iris and retina scanning. Also, biometric fingerprint scanners of different sizes that suit different security needs are easily available in the market.

Best return on investment

As biometric access management systems began to be used more commonly, companies realized their long-term benefits that a one-time investment will reap the rewards of foolproof security and efficiency always. Today, almost every work organization wants to adopt biometric attendance machines and access control systems for their premises. The high return on investment is another good reason why you should adopt biometric technology for your business.

Biometric systems not only save money in the long run but also save time in more than one aspect, which is far more valuable. Looking at the industry statistics, biometric devices are undoubtedly going to be used more and more in controlling physical access all over the world. Since we already established that biometric technology constantly looks to upgrade itself, it will also mitigate any risks that remain, becoming an absolute solution for security requirements.

For more than 20 years, Spectra has been manufacturing hardware and developing software for access control and identity management. We have employed the latest biometric technology in our devices that lend reliability, durability, and supreme performance for the user.

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