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11 Apr, 2022

Top 4 Reasons Why Identity And Access Management Is Essential for Security

The world is becoming increasingly complex. Businesses are expanding and operating at global levels. Such massive organizations have an equally massive (maybe more) database of employees and workers, that we, for the purpose of this blog, shall call identities. How do these organizations ensure that the correct identity is accessing the right area of the office complex? To be specific, how do businesses make sure that an area/room/cabin/floor stays off-limits to identities that are not authorized to be there? Enterprise Identity Management System

The challenge of providing the right identity the right access is quite laborious, and even if your company isn’t as huge as an MNC, it should still be vital for you to manage the identities under your office to avoid any kind of breach or misconduct.

The solution? Enterprise identity management systems. But let’s start from the basics and understand the concept of identity management first.

What is Identity Management?

Identity management, also known as Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures that only authorized identities – employees, visitors, etc. – are allowed to access the resources they need to perform their tasks. Identity management includes policies and technologies that cover the entire organization’s processes to properly identify, authenticate, and authorize people or groups of people based on their identities and designations in the company.

  • What does Identity Access Management do?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is its future?

These are the primary questions this article aims to answer along with providing a clear overview of an effective enterprise identity HRMS software system.

Please note, that identity management is as relevant in the sphere of network access control as it is for physical environments. For this blog, however, we shall only be discussing the importance of physical identity and access management.

What is an Identity Management System?

An Identity Management System (IMS) mainly prevents unauthorized access to facilities and resources. In the context of business organizations, it harmonizes business operations and access management to enable smooth workflow at the office.

As you are aware, organizations, big or small, are visited by various people apart from the employees, for example, vendors, contractors, visitors, or customers who all play an integral role in the company’s operations. The identity management system to secure your workplace should have clearly defined access rules for each of these identities so as to minimize human intervention and let the day-to-day operations carry on without hitches.

The framework of an IMS is quite similar to that of an access control system, which is why both the solutions mostly go hand-in-hand.


Why Are Enterprise Identity HRMS Software Systems Important?

Enterprise identity HRMS software is essential for the simple reason that they empower the organization to always control what certain people can use or access, without constantly appointing manpower for the same.

Enterprise identity management systems function as per the access rules that the admin sets for the organization. These systems are automated, so, naturally, they detect even the slightest deviation that might get overlooked by a human supervisor.

Usually, in an office, identity misuse can happen in the following ways:

Importance of Enterprise Identity HRMS Software Systems


Buddy punching

It is common for an employee to log attendance for him/herself as well as for another co-worker who hasn’t arrived yet. Manual attendance recording methods could be fooled by proxying attendance or punching in the wrong arrival time for a latecomer. Co-workers who are good friends wouldn’t even realize that they are performing identity fraud when they punch their own ID and grant access to their “friend” who’s unable to authenticate himself as he’s holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a stack of files in the other. However, with enterprise identity management systems, attendance or access to only one identity is recorded per entry, reducing the chances of buddy punching for others.


This is when an unauthorized identity wrongly follows the authorized individual into a secure area. This can be common malpractice in places where a lot of people move in and out of one door, like entry to a big office building, or a university. Surrounded by a group of friends entering a premise, one or two people may slide in without authorization. If each individual entering the premises has to strictly verify his/her identity before entering, tailgating can be prevented. Integrated identity solutions ensure that not only all the identities entering the premises are authorized, but are also recorded in a digital system where they can be tracked in case of any incident.

Casual attitude

Many employees or visitors might not take instructions seriously and may wander off in areas where they shouldn’t be. Imagine such people entering a highly-sensitive research area in a hospital; they can cause a serious mishap if anything goes wrong inside. Moreover, the hospital wouldn’t have any records of who caused such a breach and how. Having an enterprise identity HRMS software system verify people before allowing access to any door would discourage a cavalier attitude and promote discipline in the workplace.

Unaccounted visitors

There are usually a lot of visitors that frequent places like an MNC’s office complex, or a big hospital. If you don’t know who is entering your premises at a specific time, it is impossible to keep a high level of physical security. An enterprise identity management system can pre-register visitors for easy authorization, as well as record new visitors for reference. Knowing that the host has their ID information, visitors with malicious intentions can get discouraged from doing anything unlawful.

With the help of enterprise identity HRMS software, organizations can establish hierarchy, set restraints to keep sensitive and confidential areas secure from any threats, promote a culture of time discipline, and instill awareness about the importance of security. Identity management solutions check an individual’s rights and restrictions to processing their access to any area. In case of an invalid ID card being presented by a new identity visiting the premises, their access can be put on hold until their host allows their entry.

Any effective IMS gives you the liberty to not only manage and assign physical access to an individual but also to update and remove their regulatory access. This feature of integrated identity solutions comes in handy during the onboarding process of new employees. The configuration of such an effective system is essential for an organization to manage and improve productivity. Enterprise Identity Management System

What Is the Scope of Identity Management?

According to, the global physical identity and access management market size is estimated to grow from USD 789 million in 2020 to USD 1,535 million by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.2% from 2020 to 2025.

Now, these numbers are impressive for sure – not only for the end-users or the consumers of enterprise identity management systems but also for their manufacturers.

With such a growth forecast, identity solutions manufacturers would also want to launch newer, better solutions that can

  • Cater to all possible requirements,
  • Smoothly integrate with existing security solutions, and
  • Upgrade workplace productivity as much as possible.

The pandemic has affected the business landscape politically, socially, and economically. This disruption can only be resolved by advancing the resources that contribute to the business environment. Advancement becomes the only way to progress and growth. So, implementing solutions such as integrated identity management systems to secure any workplace that paves the way to a safe and secure business is becoming increasingly important. Enterprise Identity Management System

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