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11 Jul, 2022

Top 3 Benefits of A Door Access Control System.

“Why do I need a door access control system when a regular door with a sturdy locking mechanism has been working pretty great for me so far?” Benefits of Door access control system.

This usually is the first thing in people’s minds whenever they are pitched about door access control for their office. Understandably, you have a hundred things to do when you’re running a business; you wouldn’t want to spend time and resources installing an elaborate lock system, then learning – and teaching your staff – how to operate it.

However, it’s not that elaborate, difficult, or expensive, provided you choose the right door access control system. With this article, you will be able to understand some of the major benefits of having a door access control system for offices, and we hope that you can draw a clear conclusion as to whether such a solution is right for you.


Door Access Control System – Introduction

It controls the entry and exit of individuals through a secured door. When we say control, we mean for it to include

  • Monitoring of the access activities happening through doors,
  • Recording of the data from these activities, like the individual’s identity information, the time of entry/exit, the duration of the door staying ajar, etc., and
  • Restriction of movement for individuals who aren’t authorized to pass through the door.

A regular door can be opened by anyone with its key. What if the owner loses the key, and a thief finds it? The door by itself won’t identify the robber to not be the owner and lock itself to prevent intrusion. A door access control system will do that.

Door Access Control System – Benefits

1. No risk of keys being stolen or copied

In an office, many doors will have many keys that will keep getting passed on to different people. Not only is it difficult to manually keep a check on all the people who have access to these keys, but there is also no accurate way of knowing who unlocked which door at what time.

Instead of harnessing confusion and mistrust, a door access control system will create a “no-key” environment where only authorized people will be able to pass through the doors they are cleared for.

The biometric door access control system takes this sophistication one step further by eliminating the use of key cards or passwords. All you need is to scan your fingerprint, face, etc. to verify your identity in the system, and you will be granted access accordingly.

BioStamp 3S With Door

Nowadays, most offices have implemented access control either using an RFID door access control system or a biometric door access control system. Depending on your need and budget, you can choose any technology to secure the doors in your building.

2. Can get complete and accurate access records

With a door access control system, access to all areas is recorded every time an employee swipes their cards or uses their biometric identifiers to gain entry. For e.g., the Spectra door access control system can track, detect, and record all activities related to opening and closing of the doors configured in the system.

Spectra door access control system alerts the admin or owner if any door is left open for more than the normal amount of time.

With a multi-door access control system, Spectra can let you know if an employee is trying to wrongly use his card or credential to grant access to someone other than him. The anti-passback rule under the multi-door access control system will not allow re-entry to anyone unless they record themselves exiting the door first.

This gives the employer a clear idea of any suspicious activity in the office and enforces a superior level of discipline.

To know what is anti-passback and how it helps you, click here.

3. Maximum Security and Modern Environment

With a door access control system for the office, you can have your building’s doors monitored 24/7, providing maximum security to your premises. Plus, all-access activities get recorded digitally which can be accessed at any time to investigate any access violation. Without hiring additional manpower and spending more resources, you can establish a foolproof security system for your office.

Although an RFID door access control system is quite capable to handle complex security requirements, cardless entry access is convenient, lightweight, cost-effective, and efficient. It cannot be denied that the need of the hour is a biometric door access control system, and more so a contactless system at that.

Such systems are also a great way of including employees with disabilities who shouldn’t have to deal with complicated keys and passwords to gain access to their workplace. Door access control is a very effective way to maximize security and react swiftly to physical breaches in your premises.

These 3 are just broadly explained benefits of a system that can do so much more for your business. An advanced door access control system is a simple yet effective access control that can be integrated with third-party systems like security cameras, fire alarms, etc. to control the commands of locking and unlocking your business space, even during emergency evacuations.

Possibilities are Endless with Spectra

At the pace corporate environments are evolving, it is becoming more necessary than ever to have full control over the activities on your premises.

Old infrastructure, traditional locking methods, and inefficient security protocols are a huge risk for your business’ assets, personnel, and premises. These things also extend a feeling of less confidence in your clients that affect the financial aspect of your business as well. Spectra understands these challenges and innovates solutions to combat them.

A door access control system has, therefore, become quite an essential element when you think about building an office. It is a centralized locking system that provides a seamless user experience. A multi-door access control system enhances security and manages several doors at once, especially in industries like healthcare and sanitation to maintain air pressure and reduce contamination.

With Spectra door access control system, your possibilities for security and safety become endless as Spectra builds customized solutions that fit the needs of businesses of every scale and size.

You can set and revoke access permissions, configure access groups, set holiday or week-off rules, customize key card functions, and so much more. Both your staff as well as visitors can have a convenient understanding of their access permissions that make your office’s daily operations run smoothly.

Spectra’s core strength is in-house R&D of hardware devices as well as software applications making it one of the few OEMs to do both together.

To find out more about how Spectra can help you protect your commercial space, visit our website

Benefits of Door Access Control System

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