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12 Jul, 2021

Streamline Your Office Canteen with Smart Canteen Management System

Nowadays, almost all companies have an in-house canteen facility for their employees. Having a canteen at the workplace is practical and a great incentive for employees and employers alike. Researches have suggested that having employees eat together is incredibly valuable for the organization. Every company wishes to have a strong team of human resources that are motivated, share a good bond with each other, and work strongly as a team. Sure, having extra-curricular activities on festivals is a great bonding exercise, but it is not a part of your employees’ natural routine at work. Experts say that sharing meals together is more cordial than sharing mails, and a brilliant example of that is the environment in our families where even though there are many variables like generation gap, educational differences, etc., family members always have each other’s backs. Office canteens have a clear advantage over other team-building activities, and it seems that as organizations grow, they need more resources to maintain their canteen areas. Smart canteen management systems can help with the department’s operations, become a significant part of the organizations, and not dead weight.

Industrial Canteen Management System

Now that we’ve established how important a canteen is for an organization, it would be remiss not to mention some of the most common challenges that come to the mind of an employer who has to ensure the canteen runs as smoothly as his office’s other departments. Aside from operating the canteen efficiently on a daily basis, the owners also have to control the facility’s usage of resources, attendance, and menu. Employing paper-based and manual processes for these tasks tends to be error-prone and inefficient, not to mention extremely time, material, and human resource-consuming. The best canteen management system for a large organization with hundreds of visitors and employees must be technologically driven at cashnow.

There is a lot that industrial canteen management systems can do to keep everything in line, over and above providing a good experience. They can manage multiple staff canteens (at single or multiple locations) with a central database effortlessly. In addition, the system can work with parameters like defining menu items with price and subsidy, capping food quantity to avoid exploitation, allowing flexible access and restriction – even on hourly basis. A smart canteen management system will streamline the operations of the canteen and make the administrator’s work easier.

Installing a Smart Canteen Management System

Smart canteen management systems efficiently use the company’s cafeteria, ensuring that the facility is used correctly. The software that you install for this purpose becomes the hub of all the activities related to canteen management. Therefore, it is essential that you adopt a solution that allows this kind of centralization. For instance, Spectra’s canteen management solution help organizations in bridging the gap between the canteen and its usage. The system is entirely paperless, so you don’t have to struggle with coupons and their distribution to employees. They can use biometrics, cards or app-based solutions to manage their canteen needs. The system also helps you with vendor management, thereby saving you lots of effort, time, money and the manipulation done by some vendors. With its integration capabilities, you can integrate office’s other systems like attendance management, visitor management, payroll management, contract compliance, and access control that supplement canteen management and streamline all the processes on one platform.

For the next step, in coordination with the assembled software, several automating hardware devices are installed at the facility, and both these systems get connected in real-time to complete the installation of a smart, industrial canteen management system. Only the authorized employees with valid input on a biometric or RFID machine may enter the canteen.  Such protocols will ensure that no proxy meals or canteen entries are being made. Any violation can be quickly caught.

Now, with things moving rapidly to cashless and touchless executions, having a smart canteen management system is a good investment for any organization that houses employees in hundreds or thousands. These systems are the future for any industry, be it educational institutions, hospitals and research centres, government organizations, hotels and resorts, and many more. Systematic management from billing to delivery, including payment procedures, will make things so much easier and more convenient. It is now easy to establish the best canteen management system at your workplace with Spectra’s canteen management solution.

Canteen Management for visitors

If you are often entertaining clients at your workplace, you might assign them cafeteria privileges for refreshments and relaxation. In such a scenario, it is essential that the canteen management system records the said guest’s attendance and provides complimentary services that make the guest’s experience gratifying. For instance, with Spectra’s smart canteen management system, you can offer visitors the facility of a prepaid or post-paid meal card that allows them to avail of the canteen’s services.  For regular visitors, the post-paid card will calculate the total monthly usage that can be paid at the end of the month or according to the terms decided. Moreover, in case of unused funds in the prepaid card refund request can be processed at the time of separation or transfer of user.

This feature is more prominent in the current situation where contactless and cashless transactions are being preferred more by people.

Indian Innovation in Access Control

Many access control system manufacturers in India have developed some of the best canteen management systems that are not only used in the country but are also exported. With the changing times, entrepreneurs have jumped on the bandwagon of evolving technological needs. Access control system manufacturers in India diligently take into account all the aforementioned challenges with management systems and innovate to provide you with a reliable and hassle-free way to run your canteen, office, contract labour, etc., in the most efficient way possible. A stellar example of this is BioScribe 3S from Spectra, which simplifies canteen management for you, saving your company’s precious time and resources.

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