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Visitor Management System Improves Visitor Experience

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25 Jan, 2022

Proven Reasons How A Visitor Management System Improves Visitor Experience

Wouldn’t it be convenient to know all details about who walks in and out of your organization? In the elaborate environment that we operate today, keeping accurate track of the number of visitors, manually, is definitely an impossible task which is why visitor management system were introduced. These software automate the mundane but important tasks of maintaining records of the guests, managing security by restricting unwanted visitors, controlling access to only the required areas, thus, projecting your facility as modern and compliant.

The way an organization welcomes its visitors constitutes its first impression. So, doing it the right way matters. An inadequately built visitor management system does not exhibit a first-class image of your company. It doesn’t matter whether the visitor is a client, vendor, customer, or delivery personnel; it is crucial to have a steady and effective visitor information management system to leave a commendable impression on the guest.

Now, setting up a visitor management solution may seem to be a bit tedious, but it is a necessity and a very fruitful one-time investment. When it comes to safety and security, one should never compromise. And with Spectra’s advanced visitor management system software, you don’t have to worry about a thing while setting up an effective access control framework for guests. Things can never get complicated when we are here to help you out and give a detailed step-by-step guide to set up an effective VMS (visitor management system) for your company.

Visitor Management Techniques to Abide By

Commonly, visitor management systems are fundamentally designed to register, screen, and track guests and visitors. This is why they become one of the most integrated credential management systems in a company and add value and safety to the organization’s approach. There are certain aspects pertaining to an organization that should be considered while effectively setting up visitor management software. For your ease, we have divided these into six steps that will guide you through the process of setting up visitor management systems and apps as per various requirements.

The Six Steps to Absolute Visitor Security

Listed below are the steps which have been thoroughly described for you to understand why you need company visitor management systems and how you can use them effectively. To reduce hassles and increase professional standards, every related aspect has been covered in these steps for you to conquer success.

Comfort and Convenience are Paramount

It is not only unprofessional but also an uncomfortable situation when a visitor walks in and nobody is there to receive or greet, or even direct them. Just imagine yourself in this situation at a new place where you feel awkward and uncomfortable. The moment the visitor starts to feel uncomfortable is the moment when the deal is lost. It definitely is one of the examples of an incompatible visitor management system that fails to make that first positive impression. So, to avoid any inconvenient situations like this, it is better to have a kiosk, signage, or an information desk right at the entrance that helps the visitor understand the further process after entering your office building.

With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, most companies are adopting automated receptionists and methods to provide quick and accurate access permissions to visitors. This check-in feature in any visitor information management system creates a strong impression and maintains a smooth flow of visitors. A properly planned welcome can make the visitor feel at ease and happy to meet you.

Understanding Your Visitor Is Important

Not everyone who’s coming to your company has similar business requirements. It is, therefore, necessary to know the agenda of your visitors beforehand to be able to manage them properly. You wouldn’t want to give out wrong information to someone or allow access to someone in the wrong area. Knowing who your visitor is, what their needs and interests are in your organization can hugely help you. Once you have welcomed them as mentioned in the previous step, you can begin to know your visitor if prior information is not available. The self-help kiosk that’s equipped with visitor management software can provide a detailed registration form that will clarify the visitor’s purpose of coming to your office, and at the same time, these details can be promptly sent to the respective host so that he/she can be prepared to receive the guest. The form can contain fields that range from personal information to disclosing details about the belongings a visitor may be carrying with them. Maintaining such comprehensive records not only helps the company be fully prepared but also discourages any kind of malicious intentions.

Help the Visitor Sign In Easily

This is merely an extension of the previous step where the visitor is supposed to give out important information about his/her visit. While it is crucial that the visitor declares all relevant information, this process shouldn’t be elaborate to the point of displeasure to the visitor. Your visitor management software should be designed in a way that the visitor can enter all necessary information with minimal effort. In case of revisits, the system should automatically load the visitor’s information from the last visit, thus, saving time and effort.

Security should be the priority of a comprehensive visitor management system. Check-in protocols are necessary to make the company aware of the visitor’s presence till the time he/she checks out. A successful sign-in means the guest has been acknowledged after being welcomed and identified, and the next step can be carried out effortlessly.

The Host Should Be Promptly Informed

A huge deal of confusion can be avoided if the host of the visitor is notified earlier, or as soon as the visitor checks in. The host is the representative of the company to the visitor; what the company stands for is reflected in the host. If the host is made aware of a visitor that’s come for him/her, he can save valuable time by performing the exact duties that the visit entails. This also impresses the guest who might not want to spend time briefing the host again about their purpose of visit. Basically, all this leads to a great experience for the visitor at your company which of course bodes well for you. Your visitor management system app should be equipped with advanced notification capabilities like sending texts as well as emails to the hosts so that they don’t miss out on the notifications.

Have the Visitor Check Out Securely

Just as receiving a guest is important, seeing the guest off is also equally significant. The whole thing is a complete process that remains unfinished if a visitor has not checked out properly. Not only does it save incomplete records in the company’s data, but it also might have resulted in inconvenience for the visitor exiting the premises. It is unfortunate that a lot of organizations do not stress the importance of checking visitors out properly which leads to a wholesome experience.

To avoid any sort of impending accidents by leaving the guests unattended, your visitor management solution should have a pre-defined, straightforward check-out protocol that the visitors can easily follow and conclude their visit. One of the ways can be directing the guests to the self-help kiosks for punching their check-out time, gate number, etc.

Just as a first impression is important, so is the last. Remember, it is the complete experience that the guest takes with them which motivates them to invest more in a professional organization.

Maintaining Comprehensive Visitor Logs

The process of visitor management does not end after the guests have left. If we talk about impenetrable security and safety of both the company as well as its visitors, we can’t afford to leave any strings loose. A time-by-time account of the visitor’s first steps into the premises till his/her last should be available with the company. And, as mentioned earlier, doing this manually can be full of errors and inaccuracy. That is why you need an automated or digital visitor information management system to do this job perfectly for you.

You can have complete information of all your visitors for future references like to build connections. In case of mischief or wrongdoing, pulling out old visitor records can be easy from visitor management software as they can be accessed from the cloud whenever required.

Review and Optimize Your Visitor Management Systems for Better Security

The times are changing, the patterns of visits may change, along with regulatory requirements, team composition, and many other factors. All of this requires you to constantly be alert and adjust your visitor management to meet new conditions.

But even if everything stays the same, don’t miss the opportunity to provide a better experience and protect your visitors and your business.

The most important thing that a visitor anywhere wants to receive is a quick response and helpful staff. In this fast-paced era, one does not have any excess time to spare. At Spectra, we value time. We know things might get difficult when you are bound to attend to a multitude of visitors almost every day and that is why we have developed our systems to be as simple as possible and easy to use. With high safety and self-compliance, our visitor management systems are completely hassle-free.

Spectra’s visitor management software offers convenience with all basic as well as advanced features as per the client’s requirements, making it one of the best visitor management systems in India. The completely automated processes help visitors and organizations tremendously with features like the self-help kiosk interface, constant monitoring, capturing and recording visitor activity, and recovering information in no time. Access is easily granted to authenticated guests and Spectra ensures maximum security along with a comfortable visiting experience. No matter how many visitors make their way through your company’s doors, Spectra manages them effortlessly with its highly compatible visitor management solutions.

Security is never compromised with Spectra. Our systems check everything with OTP configuration to avoid unwanted guests. To make things easier and adaptable, Spectra also has an app that lets the visitor self-control things for his/her own comfort. This plethora of features makes Spectra’s visitor management solutions the most preferred in today’s times.

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