Author : Nikunj Mehta

30 May, 2020 | 374 Views

Mobile Based Attendance Management Solution for Large Enterprise

This presentation includes:

  • Spectra – Brief Intro
  • Challenges in Recent Scenario
  • iApp – Mobile
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Employee Monthly Attendance View
  • Regularize Attendance
  • GPS Based Attendance Tracking
  • Continuous Location Tracking
  • Event Based Tracking
  • Manager’s View
  • No Location Facking
  • Leave Application & Sanctioning
  • Approval Workflow and Policies
  • Availabile on Android and iOS
  • Multiple Policy Configurations
  • Login Through iApp Software
  • Give Access Rights for ‘Mobile ESS’ to Employees
  • Application Type Approval Workflow
  • Reason Type Creation
  • Manage Notifications to Employees

Nikunj Mehta
As a Digital Marketer, Abhyuday brings more than 7 years of experience in Marketing and Communications with an emphasis on digital marketing, branding, events, and promotion. Having consistent value creation over the years, he is currently serving Spectra as the marketing manager and taking care of the brand's digital presence.

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