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20 Apr, 2022

Improve your warehouse security with an access control system

Warehouse security is a critical element for any modern business that deals with large volumes of goods and products, even more so for storage units that are farther away from their manufacturing counterpart. Industrial warehouses are usually expansive and mostly store products worth fortunes for a long period; naturally, they also present unique challenges to the security team. Access Control Systems

Distribution of cargo theft in the Asia Pacific region in 2019, by country

Cargo theft in the Asia Pacific region in 2019 by Country

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What today’s businesses need is an advanced access control solution that is fully equipped to deal with the unique security requirements of warehouses. In this article, you shall read about:

  • How do access control systems improve warehouse security?
  • The features in an advanced access control software.
  • The benefits of having a modern access control solution.

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Improving Warehouse Security

Often due to the constant commuting of personnel bringing in and taking out the goods, it becomes difficult to scrutinize every little activity that goes on on the premises. There are risks of

  • Theft
  • Spillage
  • Damage due to natural causes
  • Injury to personnel
  • Vandalism due to neglect

and many more that result in the disruption of the supply chain, eventually leading to monetary loss as well as a severe hit to the company’s reputation.

Advanced Access Control Solutions

With business models becoming increasingly complex and supply chains becoming extensively global, an advanced and easily scalable access control software will help warehouse owners establish a solid security system and automate processes as much as possible to remove any chance of human error or mischief. Following are some of the features state-of-the-art access control software systems offer:

  • Any type of card such as key cards and fobs are eliminated to reduce the risk of manhandling or abusing access. RFID cards and biometric scans are introduced to access the premises as fingerprints cannot be forged and transmissions cannot be deceived easily.
  • Admin can have remote access to the security management dashboard as well as the physical access points.
  • Restrictive access can be enabled for different areas of the warehouse.
  • Security or access clearance levels can be customized.
  • Third-party security systems like fire alarms, CCTVs, intercoms, etc. can be easily integrated into a centralized framework. All systems can work in sync providing 360-degree security.
  • Admin can remotely lock/unlock the warehouse doors at any time. Timers can be set for automatic locks for week offs, holidays, etc.
  • Detailed logs are recorded for all access transactions done at any access point in the system. This enables easy audits and ensures full compliance.
  • Live tracking can be enabled to know the position of staff and activities happening in real-time. This is useful for CCTV blind spots in the area. Also, any emergency or injury can be immediately tracked and attended to.

Your warehouse security system is your first line of defense against threats. A well-lit facility, with break-in-resistant doors and windows, and 24×7 video surveillance are all necessary procedures but have their own limitations. Having an access control system would upgrade the security protocols that will enhance other security elements as well for warehouse owners to get optimum results out of their investment.

Benefits of Modern Access Control Solutions

Easy Remote Management

Nowadays, one company may have multiple warehouses at different locations. A smart access control solution can enable remote management of these facilities, giving the owner an impressive amount of control. The advanced access control systems today don’t only store data locally but have cloud infrastructure as well. This especially makes remote supervision easy as the activity log for any warehouse, and its relevant data is accessible 24×7.

Let’s say a supervisor or security guard missed out on locking a door while closing up for the day. Through remote access, the admin can check and lock it remotely, removing the need for anyone to go back to the facility or worry about an unresolved security breach.

Enhanced Inventory Management

Third-party integration is another useful feature in advanced access control software where the client’s existing inventory management platform can be brought onboard the access control system, fortifying both purposes over a centralized framework.

  • RFID cards and barcode scanners can keep a digital log of inventory, removing room for human error. Syncing it with the access control software can also give an accurate idea of date-wise stock levels.
  • With evolving business landscapes, most of the inventory management systems and manufacturing software are based on the cloud. A cloud-based access control system can broaden the security framework and automate inventory checks.
  • Remote supervision can control, restrict, and track employee activity, harnessing access control, safeguarding the inventory, and preventing accidents and/or injuries.

Accurate Report Generation

It’s the end of the month and the report shows a discrepancy in stock levels. From hundreds of workers working in multiple warehouses, how do you track this breach?

It is necessary to have an automated system of report generation that records each and every access activity and runs daily as well as weekly stats for an accurate picture of the warehouse’s operations whenever needed.

Advanced access control software record comprehensive logs of access events giving you an accurate idea of the employee, his/her purpose for access, and the duration spent inside the area so that in case of a breach, you can pinpoint the perpetrator without errors.

Also, access reports let you know the exact number of employees present in the warehouse to be evacuated in case of any emergency.

Complete Visibility

An intelligent access control solution establishes transparency in your warehouse’s operations. Both internal, as well as external threats, can be monitored, and immediate action can be taken if necessary. Access control systems can continue to work at places the CCTV can’t and detect security breaches immediately.

Increased visibility regarding the warehouse’s operations also builds a healthy employee-employer relationship. Sincere employees can work without the fear of being suspected in case of breaches and the employer is apprised of the proceedings in the facility to know which employee is working hard and which one isn’t.

SPECTRA’S Access Control Solutions

Spectra’s experience and expertise of over 20 years have enabled us to cater to evolving access control requirements. We are one of the leading access software companies in India that has an extensive in-house R&D and manufacturing facility to build powerful products that benefit our clients. Our passion for technology and progress drives us to keep innovating and produce better security solutions. With our belief in staying right ahead, we have helped some of our clients meet up with the latest security and compliance needs.

We were honored to help Tata Consultancy Services, where we have installed our attendance and access management system among other solutions. Our biometric system at Tata with quick fingerprint access and Mifare technology has been helping the organization easily manage access for large groups of people.

Another one of our clients, Larsen and Toubro, has been using our biometric access control solution at one of their facilities. Various corporate organizations and media houses such as The Times of India use our access control systems, T&A systems, and canteen management systems on their premises. Being access control manufacturers ourselves, we do not outsource our production. Hence, we can easily incorporate even the littlest of our clients’ demands into identity and security management systems for them.

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