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4 Oct, 2021

How Manufacturing Facilities can Leverage Biometric Access Control Systems?

Automated and computerized manufacturing systems have changed the way industrial manufacturing processes are perceived. Industrial manufacturing equipment is increasingly becoming technologically driven, and its integration with computers, its connectivity with systems inside as well as outside of the manufacturing plants calls for an evolved method of managing security for such facilities. As manufacturers move towards a more advanced and sophisticated manufacturing environment to meet up with global demands, the confidentiality of their manufacturing methods and proprietary processes are at more of a risk to be exposed, not to mention unfiltered access to such machines resulting in some mishap, damaging the organizations’ credibility and reputation. Hence, security systems for advanced manufacturing facilities need to be amped by installing powerful access control systems

The Need for Biometric Access Control  in Manufacturing Facilities

The general problem is that in a manufacturing plant, most of the equipment does not require any sort of authentication to operate. Also, all systems on the manufacturing floor are open to anyone who’s working there. Suppose there’s specialized equipment that’s supposed to be operated only by certified workers. However, if physical access to that area is given to all employees, in case of malfunction or accidents, or any such events due to poor handling of the machinery, it would be difficult to figure out who operated it.

In another example, assume you’re a famous potato chips manufacturer who has patented his/her secret recipe for seasoning the chips. In the area where chips are fried and seasoned, where only a selected group of employees is supposed to handle the product, there is a definite need for a better security framework than all other areas in the manufacturing plant, for obvious reasons. All of the manufacturing department employees should not be getting access to that particular area.

Moreover, in big manufacturing facilities, hundreds of employees work in shifts. Their attendance needs to be monitored, activity on the floor at all times needs to be tracked, a record of visitors coming to the facility needs to be maintained, and for all these processes to happen in real-time, with the utmost accuracy, without human errors, you need to install identity management solutions like access control management, biometric time & attendance system, and visitor management system at your facility.

What Do Biometric Door Access Systems Do for A Business?

First off, keeping a track of employees is made easy. With automatic logging at the entrance and exit access points, you can have a record of all such activity along with details of who the employee is. Combine this with a sophisticated visitor identification software and you will be able to monitor visitors activity as well.

Different areas of the manufacturing plant might need different security access for example the inventory room, research and development area, inspection and testing lab, etc.; installing this kind of advanced security framework will help bifurcate the employees according to authority.

Door access control systems are an effective way to reduce long-term additional costs. The access permissions can be reprogrammed easily so there’s no need of changing locks or installing additional locking devices. You don’t need to hire extra manpower to station at every access point.

How Does Spectra Align All These Solutions?

A centralized system always has its benefits over a decentralized system, and that’s what Spectra enables for your facility. With a wide range of biometric devices in our arsenal we cater to manufacturing businesses of all scales and sizes, Spectra creates specific solutions for you to establish a powerful security framework. For these reasons and many more, Spectra is ranked as one of the leading access control system manufacturers in India.

Spectra’s biometric access control system is capable of 24/7/365 monitoring and protection of operations and facilities. Their biometric devices like BioScribe 3S and BioStamp 3S are extremely durable, built with world-class techniques, and are dust and waterproof to scan fingerprints without a hitch.

Another remarkable feature is that they can be easily integrated with different Spectra solutions like time and attendance software, visitor identification software, contract compliance software, alarm and surveillance systems, etc. to provide an absolute security and access control solution as per your requirements. They also have a ‘Minimum staff present’ access rule for hazardous processes, which is a must-have for manufacturing facilities that deal with specialized machinery. This makes Spectra’s solutions one of the best identity management software in the market.

A centralized architecture also provides the benefit of expanding the authentication to multiple locations without any major changes to the existing infrastructure and, ideally, all access control system manufacturers allow this provision in their systems. Spectra, with its futuristic innovation and pioneering vision, already develops access control solutions that are fully equipped to manage all your facilities with a single, streamlined system.

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