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Access Control System

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17 Oct, 2022

How has access control added value to our lifestyles and everyday habits?

What does an access control system do? It heightens security for your premises and minimizes the risk factors like unwanted visitors, illegal breach of access to any area, inaccurate data about the total no. of people present on the premises, etc. This has probably been understated till now, but access control is a fundamental concept of effective security plans anywhere.

The above-mentioned risks, however, are just some of the physical access risks. There is also another form of access control. Logical or digital access control deals with protecting computers and servers, network connections, and system files in your organization. The concept of access control remains the same here, only the tools of protection get changed.

But, physical or logical, we can’t deny that access control has become an indispensable part of our lives today. Not only in areas of business but measures like fingerprint access control and door access control system are also implemented at residential premises to keep unauthorized identities out.

The Value of Access Control System

Among many others, one of the primary reasons for such rapid development in the sphere of access control is the emergence of the pandemic. After Covid-19 altered our daily habits to prioritize safety and hygiene, people realized the importance of having solid control over who enters their premises. The demand for access control systems, and biometric access control systems at that, increased tremendously. People had suddenly become very concerned about what visitors brought in with them and began to realize the need of access control to be an essential element in security protocols.

If you have visited the head office of any multinational company, you would’ve experienced that entering such premises is not a walk in the park. There are certain security formalities to be fulfilled before you are allowed access anywhere inside the building. This is their access control system at work. Not only is your ID registered in the company’s records, but many organizations also capture the biometrics of their visitors, especially if they are frequent guests. You are either given a visitor pass or your biometrics act as an access card, allowing you to enter the areas you are authorized for. This way, the security admin keeps a track of your movements inside the company building and can know if you’re up to something suspicious.

In the same way, large offices with multiple branches also establish a centralized attendance management system to know which employee punched in at what time and in which location. An online attendance system allows security admins/HRs/supervisors to know the attendance status of employees and track latecomers or early-goers immediately.

Absolute Access and Attendance Monitoring

Another advantage of an online attendance management system is that HR can always have an accurate idea of employees’ attendance, and this greatly helps in calculating payroll without errors.

These are systems that have been in place even before Covid hit us. What has happened now is the need for such an advanced framework is not only limited to corporate offices and government institutions. People want such foolproof systems even in their homes to safeguard them from any kind of threats.

Parents from the office can know that their child is safe at home. The owner of a small business traveling out of town for work can still keep an eye on his office’s cabin and secure it remotely. School staff can screen visitors right at the school’s gate before allowing them to enter, ensuring the safety of students.

So, why do we need such systems? The answer is that besides your personal safety, they provide many benefits for you, your loved ones, and your employees.

These are the kind of benefits that a biometric access control system or biometric attendance system extends to its users.

Empowering Technology, Better Lifestyles

Access control systems play a significant role in ensuring the safety and security of homes and businesses. They have become a modern-day necessity for vulnerable establishments like banks, hospitals, shared properties, etc. Biometric, or non-biometric, picking the right access control system for your premises is very crucial and this decision is based on your property’s infrastructure, scalability, resources, etc.

For now, fingerprint access control and fingerprint attendance system are the most common biometric identifiers. With technology reaching every corner of the world at a rapid pace, face or iris recognition will also soon become as common. Face recognition is already being used by us on our phones in our daily lives; it would be difficult to imagine unlocking our phones without it now, isn’t it?

So, this is how impactful access control has been on the realization that securing our privacy with technology is very important in today’s day and age. We are at a stage where we need to build safer habits that are mindful of our assets and belongings, physical or digital. Not only CEOs and owners of big institutions, but the common man is also moving towards a world with access control systems and a secure lifestyle.

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