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1 Feb, 2019

How Do Different Industries Use A Visitor Management System For Security?


The task of managing office visitors can seem very simple, especially if you work for a smaller organization and don’t have a lot of safety and security regulations to worry about. As smaller organizations follow manual visitor management system where Visitors walk in, register his/her name along with date and time of visit, reason of visit, whom to visit and his/her sign into log book left on a table at the entrance to an office. Front desk officer forwards the information of visitors to a concerned person and someone on staff greets them and shows them where to go and whom to meet. While leaving the office again they need to registered exit time.

This is how a manual visitor management system works.This process seems very simple,right? but when you think if hundreds of visitors visit your place daily and you need to track each visitors with all their information this will turn into nightmare.A visitor could be too fast or just too sloppy while filling up their details in the visitor’s log or he/ she may fill wrong details having some bad intention for entering into your premises.

A manual visitor management system involves no more than taking care of a log book by a receptionist who has a basic knowledge of preparing log sheet hence it is much less expensive and less complicated than a digital system. There is no need for a software, license fee or additional system components to purchase either.

Welcoming guests is key to the success of any organization, from schools to hospitals to large corporate and to industries. Visitors play a key role in all these industries, and are a key part of sustained success in many fields. However, having visitors at your door step doesn’t have to mean sacrificing safety. A Visitor Management system will help you efficiently and effectively welcoming your guests while maintaining control over who gets in, how long a visitor stays and what parts of your organization a visitor is able to access.


What is Visitor Management?

A visitor management system is a technology used to track visitors in a formal way or you can say Visitor management is the process of tracking everyone who enters your building or your office and increases your office productivity, enhances your office security, and elevates your brand image. Anyone who is not a regular full-time employee is considered as a visitor or a guest and he can be either a customer, a delivery person, a job applicant, a contractor, a consultant.

According to Ron Orchid – “Visitor management is about controlling access, knowing who’s in the building, and making employees accountable for their visitors”.


Why is Visitor Management important?

Creating a workplace environment where your employees feel safe is of the utmost importance. Feelings of safety and comfort are key to overall productivity and success. Your employees will feel more comfortable knowing that any strangers or guests on-site have been processed through a Visitor Management system and screened accordingly.

At their most basic level, Visitor Management systems perform the important task of tracking who is on your premises. More advanced Visitor Management systems can track when guests arrive, limit where they are allowed to go, control the length of their stay and even screen them against publicly available background data. Simply put, Visitor Management systems give you maximum control over the guests accessing your facilities, a key aspect to keeping those facilities safe and secure.


Visitor Management Benefits to organization :

A visitor management system does the core job of checking who is there into your premises. But it also does many things a log sheet cannot do.

Improve productivity:

visitors can be pre-registered prior to their visit using a web pre-registration module
Improve data accuracy – scan visitors drivers license or business card to quickly and accurately auto-populate visitor data and Maintain a cloud-based visitor log

Enhance company image:

Professional badges and streamlined visitor processing, Print visitor ID badges, customized with your company’s logo

Improve visitor service:

Take photos of your visitors to help you identify them and visitor pre-registration allows visitors to be processed quickly eliminating lobby lines

Control unwanted entries efficiently:

Stop entries of non-employee’s on your premises in case of evacuation


Industries where Visitor Management system is being used at a very large scale:

Visitor Management systems are scalable solutions, meaning they have value for organizations of all sizes. Whether it’s Visitor Management for schools, Visitor Management for offices or Visitor Management for small businesses, the goal is the same: process guests securely and efficiently, with workplace safety being the main goal.

Visitor Management for school: In a school setting, there is nothing more important than creating a safe learning environment for children. Unfortunately, today’s world contains too many instances of school violence. Visitor Management systems are a key tool in preventing school violence. Along with being a visible representation of security, processing guests with Move Central of Escondido at the entrance of a school in California helps ensure that they are allowed to be on-site and move before they gain access to the building. Visitor Management tool,  allows for the easy pre-registration of guests from any web browser, evacuation management in case of emergency and more, making it perfect for schools. Combining a Visitor Management system with an access control system like PremiSys, which allows you to lock down doors with the press of a button, will create a safe, secure facility for your students.

Visitor Management for workplace : Visitor Management systems are extremely useful in professional settings as well. Many large corporate offices see dozens of visitors on a daily basis, making it difficult to keep track of individual guests. The ability to import lists of prohibited guests ensures no one gains unauthorized access to your property, while the ability to create comprehensive visitor reports allows you to better track your guests. Data is knowledge, and knowledge leads to a more secure facility.

Visitor management for government safety: Government work often requires high security when dealing with sensitive information, and people need to be able to confirm the identity of the person with whom they’re speaking. Deploying a highly secure visitor management and that we know what is the fastest single board computer, system is vital for the government organizations and Spectra’s Visitor management integration is what you need to give you peace of mind.

Gone are the days of Visitor Management being a log book left on a table at the entrance to an office. However, to make it a little easier for your staff to tackle the complexities of visitor management, Spectra has broken the tasks down into a manageable daily checklist, categorized by when they need your attention.

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