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Elevator Access Control

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30 May, 2020

Elevator Access Control

Spectra’s Elevator Access Control & Management Solution beefs up your elevator security with its embedded network interface, smooths connectivity, is simple to install, configure and operate. It eliminates the need to depend on manual guarding of your premises and in the long run reduces costs. The software creates visitor categorizations such as owners, service staff or new visitors. It lets the users implement elevator access control policies that enable tighter security and flexibility in their facility.

This presentation includes:

  • Spectra – Brief Intro
  • Why Elevator Access Control System is Required?
  • What Elevator Access Control System Does?
  • Flow Diagram with Elevator Access Control
  • Elevator Access Controller (EAC)
  • EAC Panel – Specifications
  • EAC – Connection Diagram
  • EAC – Installation Diagram
  • EAC Hardware Options Inside the Elevator
  • EAC Hardware Options Outside the Elevator
  • EAC – Compatible Devices
  • Elevator Access Controller – Sample Requirement
  • Key Features of Spectra EAC

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