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24 Mar, 2022

Easy Contract Labour Management for The Construction Workforce


What Is Contract Labour Management?

The software or solution that enables the contractors, sub-contractors, and builders to connect and engage into one workflow is contract worker management software. It controls and creates the structure on which the construction project has to be conducted. Such solutions come with additional features such as project management solutions, document management, budgeting and bidding, real-time accounting, workflow automation, and resource management.

All these features effectively accelerate the construction process and the workflow on the site by seamlessly communicating job progress, monitoring the cost and expenses along with managing the team of architects, builders, and engineers of the construction site. A comprehensive labour management system also justifies its purpose by enabling you to schedule resources based on your bend of availability. It is so efficient and organized that you can easily track the records and deadlines of all your construction projects and immediately get alerted about hitches on the way.

With the advancement of technology and the advent of digitization, contract labour management has also gone through a massive change. Centralized management is always required to follow the path towards success. Labour management systems become that essential solution to smoothly coordinate and combine the regular and contractual force together if need be. They build a productive construction workforce for you ensuring no effort is wasted and every member of the crew is well notified about his/her role.

Why Is There a Need for Contract Labour Management in India?

Managing multiple projects at the same time is a tedious task. Imagine yourself as a contractor, maneuvering every data yourself. Imagine spreadsheets and blueprints covering the table, whiteboards hovering over you that have the to-do lists as well as long-term strategies roughly written. But, here you are still stuck with the contract labour paperwork because it is taking so much time to record and integrate all the data. Well, this is the time when you need contract labour management systems to make sure such situations never arise when you take up your future building projects.

This is the era of technology where you need to buckle up to keep pace. Traditional methods are good and amazing till the matter remains for a sole proprietor. But companies with elaborate responsibilities and data require a comprehensive labour management system. Such contract worker management software grant all these vulnerable areas of a construction workforce the elixir of management, organization, and efficiency.

As the rays of technology have touched each and every aspect of lives, the construction industry cannot be an exception anymore. We are already seeing the contractors start to rely upon these advanced contract labour management solutions and digitized applications in India to operate more efficiently and drive the project through the finish line on time. Contract labour management presents the contractors with the right measures and tools to perform their tasks effectively. To maintain the workflow and optimum productivity of the construction project, it is necessary to coordinate, schedule, communicate, and provide the correct information to the construction team and that is possible through a highly integrated system only. In addition to this, there is scheduling, forecasting, certification tracking, skill testing, and labour analysis to check up on as well which is done efficiently with a labour management information system.

As a contract worker, your project may have been set up in remote places where you and your team might find it difficult to streamline your work and communicate with the contractor or project owner on a daily basis. You may have to work in distributed forces, and the uncertainties and challenges that you face every day can become stressful without a proper management solution. As a contractor, optimizing productivity and ensuring the collaboration of your contract workers is indispensable.  Modern problems need modern solutions, so managing a contract workforce under a well-built, digital, efficient system is quite necessary.

What Problems Go Unsolved Without Contract Labour Management?

An outdated management program can crumble like a house of cards in no time. Modern ideas and designs need well-updated equipment or solutions that have a futuristic edge and are technologically sound.

The history of construction shows that contractors have always found problems in this space. Some of these are lack of proper operational information and resources, fluctuating manpower, sudden budget change, errors in tracking tasks and deadlines, etc. And, the only go-to things till 25 years ago were the whiteboard and the spreadsheet. Even amidst all the odds, contractors were gradually able to upgrade to new tools, but this happened very slowly, especially in countries like India. Modern advances have finally paved their way into the construction industry. The emergence of accounting tools, project management solutions, planning and estimation technology had made it a lot easier to maneuver things and avoid errors and accidents.

How to Apply Contract Worker Management Software?

To direct a construction project from the beginning to the end, with contract labour, it has to go through various stages. Effective project management includes a wide variety of tasks like integrating vendors, tracking budgets, and collaborating with different teams to increase work productivity. There is also the factor of managing the complex initial processes of construction with every intricate detail like legal formalities, contract requests or tenders, settling on the deadlines, renewal clauses, etc.  In addition to all this, the work breakdown structure and the risk management plan are also some crucial factors to be considered.

A comprehensive labour management system is the one to solve all the issues you face or might face and to smoothly tie the ends of the construction project. All the vulnerabilities such as miscommunication, inefficiency, lost productivity, and lack of operational inefficiency – factors that make companies seem unreliable – can be completely removed from the equation with advanced contract workforce management.

Manpower in Action 

With a state-of-the-art contract labour management system, it doesn’t matter how the people of your construction team are working; the updates will be notified whenever needed. The teams can easily present system-generated reports more than twice or thrice a day to the constructor. Risk management of employees is also considered well in such software. A notification sets off via text to all the employees the moment any potentially threatening situation is sensed. Some case studies have shown how effectively a comprehensive labour management system works. Earlier, reaching out to a larger team would have been complex whereas the advanced management solutions simplify any such tasks. A dynamic contract management system notifies and validates everyone involved and centralizes the processes.

We cannot leave the current situation of India out of consideration where lockdown or strict social distancing might get declared at any time. As mentioned earlier, the situation of Covid-19 in society brings into light the fact of having a more sophisticated labour management solution that can abide by the safety regulations of the government and easily manage the task at hand at the same time. Just like we were struck by the virus out of the blue, crises in the workforce may arrive as such out-of-the-blue situations. Sudden changes in the project regarding dates or materials, implementation of social distancing, or sudden lockdowns may hover around the management, and they can only be managed if the complete workforce is centralized and connected to the leader of the team all the time.

Your Takeaway from This Article

Organizations of every size are adopting more modern and digital solutions to assist legal, procurement, finance and other resources. Employing the right contract labour management system is the best way to streamline all your contract workforce’s processes, from contract requests to the final contract closeout, all while retaining a complete history for future reference.

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