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Door Interlocking Terminal

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3 May, 2020

Door Interlocking Terminal

Spectra brings an impeccable Door Interlocking System – DIT 200, DIT 400, DIT 800 that can manage up to 2,4 and 8 doors respectively. To automatically secure all the doors in the designated area, this door interlocking system is meticulously designed to ensure that just one door remains unlocked or open at a time. For enhanced security, the terminals are also laced with audio and visual indicators such as a buzzer and LED indicators.

With Spectra’s intelligent DIT solutions you can not only exercise better control on access to important areas but even reduce the risk of contamination. This Door Interlock System for Pharma Industries, Laboratories, Cleanroom, etc. is mainly utilized where the pressure difference is required to maintain at a specific point.

This presentation includes:

  • Why Door Interlocking System is Required?
  • What Does Door Interlocking System Do?
  • Specifications Required for Door Interlocking
  • Components of Door Interlocking
  • Connection Diagram
  • Flow Diagram with Access Control
  • Spectra Door Interlocking Terminals
  • DIT Panel – Specifications
  • DIT Panel – Controls and Connections
  • No Touch Switch (NTS)
  • Utility Software
  • Key Features of Spectra DIT

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