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16 Mar, 2022

Do You Know How A Visitor Management System Helps Pharmaceutical Companies?

The need for visitor management systems in pharma

It is primarily important in the pharmaceutical industry to safeguard people and comply with national health regulations. Many risks of infection, contamination, as well as theft and destruction, can be avoided by screening the visitors of the facility in advance. To ensure the safety of the client as well as the organization and its environment, an effective visitor management system is necessary.

Pharma companies deal with a lot of research and chemicals for medicinal issues. These articles are highly vulnerable to a lot of intentional as well as unintentional threats. Especially in times of a global crisis as the one going on, the assets of a company need more protective barriers than ever. It need not be emphasized how important it is to keep the production cycle running smoothly along with keeping an accurate track of all the related elements.

Protect Your Research with Visitor Management

The research that pharma companies work on is one of their biggest assets. Along with product samples or prototypes, even research information is insured, backed up at multiple places, and restricted by limited access. It cannot be denied that not only outsiders but also the employees or the insiders of the company can sometimes pose a threat to this valuable data by stealing it to sell it to the highest bidder or blackmail the company, or even destroying it out of some vendetta. All these scenarios seem very bleak to discuss, but if there’s one thing to be learned about security, it is that risk possibilities should never be ignored no matter how absurd they sound.

While access control solutions work to restrict the insiders, visitor management solutions keep this information off-limits to the outsiders. Such systems can ensure that no visitor is allowed on the same floor or in the same area even by mistake. The compliance offered by visitor management system software helps you achieve absolute security in no time and the control of everything remains at your fingertips.

Visitor Management Solutions Are Necessary for Businesses After the Emergence of Covid-19

Covid-19 made the world come to terms with a lot of living conditions that people weren’t used to before. It also put forth the realization that this is not going to be the only pandemic that affects the world. Keeping this in mind, entrepreneurs always need to be on their feet to counter future business risks. Resisting change and hoping for everything to become normal again is not a practical approach anymore.

Operational management techniques have always been upgraded whenever new challenges have emerged. The best visitor management system for Pharma Industry is needed to seamlessly conduct their business without letting any personnel or assets of the organization come in contact with invisible yet deadly threats like such.

Access control solutions have been divided into various categories for users to assign accurate security protocols that precisely assess movements in the premises based on the associated purposes. One such category is visitor management to specifically secure the premises from the risks that visitor activities carry, which in the age of Covid-19 are virus transmission and widespread infection.

Things a Visitor Management System Enables You To Do

Implementing an effective and advanced visitor management system software can streamline, strengthen, and increase the overall performance of your company. To make it easy for you, we have listed a few important benefits of having a modern, easy-to-operate visitor management solution:

  • Eliminates manual processes thus removing any room for errors or delays in recording visitor data.
  • Increases the efficiency of your front desk and allows visitors to have a sophisticated experience.
  • Strengthens workplace safety by noting all details of visitors and even pre-registering them to prevent access to unauthorized people.
  • Lowers the chances of risk events by blacklisting suspicious visitors or keeping such individuals on a special watchlist.
  • Reduces unnecessary expenses of human resource allocation.
  • Establishes an efficient digital environment that is scalable and flexible to suit all visitor management needs.

Pharma and healthcare facilities have complex needs that can be fulfilled by digital visitor management systems. They can enable your reception staff to be fully ready and prepared to manage visitors through various screening processes, while keeping facilities, employees, and the company’s data safe and secure.

Automation of Your Entire Visitor Management Cycle

A well-designed and well-implemented digital visitor management system can provide numerous benefits to your company to give you a competitive edge and put you ahead of your peers. Combining technology, security, communication, and analytics, visitor management systems create a unique standard of receiving visitors at your premises without significantly altering your workflow or adding more processes and headaches to the daily work tasks of your employees.

  • Pre-registration of visitors enables the system to allow access to the registered identity without having to wait for approvals.
  • The system also creates visitor badges to help employees to discern the individuals moving around on the premises.
  • Touchless or biometric visitor management solutions add another component of safety and automation for your visitor check-in process.
  • Visitors are allowed access to only those areas that have beenpre-approved for them, like a particular conference room or the visitor lounge.
  • In addition, a pre-determined duration will ensure that the visitor is on the premises only for that particular period and will finish his/her business accordingly.
  • Notifications will be sent to the host when visitors check out or if they haven’t yet done so on the expiry of their visiting duration. Suitable action can then be taken.
  • All these transactions that visitors make in the system get recorded in real-time and this detailed data can be accessed as per the system’s capability.

In this manner, the entire process of receiving and entertaining visitors can be automated where the visitor won’t feel lost or neglected, instead, will be impressed by the level of sophistication your company offers. Furthermore, the host will not have to constantly worry about visitor activity in their premises as they will have pre-programmed their access permissions and visiting duration.

Technological Solutions for Evolving Problems

As industries expand, they become more complex. Pharmaceuticals and healthcare is one of those sectors where daily processes are not as simple as they might be for a non-specialized business category. For such industries, their problems evolve as well.

In countries like India where businesses have been heavily relying on manual processes, accepting a fully automated visitor management solution can seem like a daunting task. However, to match the pace of the global markets, businesses should consider opting for the best visitor management systems in India that can digitize business operations smoothly, without disturbing your existing workflow.

In a nutshell, to counter the increasing complexities of handling visitors and ensuring that they carry a good impression of your business, a competent, well-equipped visitor management system software is a must-have in today’s times. Receive your visitors with safety and efficiency and transform your pharma facility into a modern and dynamic workplace.

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