Author : Nikunj Mehta

30 May, 2020 | 422 Views

Contractual Workforce Compliance Management Solution for Large Enterprise

Spectra’s Biometric Attendance Management Solution helps large enterprise manage their human resource efficiently. This centralized software for multiple users, at multiple locations also takes care of decentralized day-to-day administration of multiple companies under one group. It minimizes inconsistencies to ensure improved productivity. Advance configuration backed by employee self-service portal ensures complete automation from attendance punching to payroll processing.

This presentation includes:

  • Spectra – Brief Intro
  • Contractor Process Flow
  • Contractor Registration Flow Diagram
  • User definable Contractor Form and Fields
  • Contractor Compliance Master
  • Contractual Sign-Up
  • Add New Contract Registration from Contract Master
  • Contractor Compliance Upload and Track Compliance Status
  • Contract Compliance Sanction by Authority
  • Adding the Workforce
  • Integration with Attendance and Access Control
  • Contractor Dashboard
  • Multi-level Hierarchy for Approval of Compliance Documents
  • Notification Template for Contract Registration Approval
  • Contract Renewal
  • Blocking/ Unblocking and Closing Contract
  • Employee Blacklisting
  • Multiple Reports
  • Maintain a complete Compliance Audit trail

Nikunj Mehta
As a Digital Marketer, Abhyuday brings more than 7 years of experience in Marketing and Communications with an emphasis on digital marketing, branding, events, and promotion. Having consistent value creation over the years, he is currently serving Spectra as the marketing manager and taking care of the brand's digital presence.

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