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Canteen Management System

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30 May, 2020

Canteen Management System

Spectra’s Cashless Canteen Management Solution gives you employee, vendor, item or department-wise consumption for collecting the employee share, payment of vendor and charging the department for its consumption. It bridges the gap between canteen and its usage with an added advantage of going paperless through use of biometric based, card based and app based solutions. This helps in doing away from coupons and its distribution to employees. Spectra CMS helps in simplifying operations by being multi user system and by passing the benefit to users in discreet manner based on company policies on eligibility.

This presentation includes:

  • Spectra – Brief Intro
  • Feature Highlights
  • Glimpse of available feature
  • Compatible Devices
  • Display & Audio, Voice Setup
  • Flexible Employ Master, Look-ups with Configurable Fields
  • Centralized Control of Assigning Employees to Canteen
  • Specific Menu on The Selected Reader for Particular Time-zone Period Only
  • Flexible Menu Options
  • User Configurable Item Time Zone Availability
  • Item Restriction Available Based on Weekly Basis, Timezone, etc.
  • Configurable Week off and Holidays
  • Provides Option for certified locksmiths Manual Transaction
  • Guest Service, Postpaid and Prepaid Payment Modes
  • Easy Work Flow Management Using Transfer Location Option
  • Check/Validate, Daily/Monthly Food Transactions in Online/Real-time Mode
  • Printer Slip Configuration
  • Report Designer, Make a Custom Build Reports
  • Automated Email Facility for Report Generation
  • View Detailed Reports for Payable Verification
  • Integration Possibilities

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