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Attendance Management System

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30 May, 2020

Attendance Management System

With Spectra’s Biometric Attendance Management Solution any large enterprise can manage their human resource efficiently. This centralized software for multiple users, at multiple locations also takes care of decentralized day-to-day administration of multiple companies under one group. Its easy leave and shift management ensures minimal inconsistencies and ensures improved productivity.

This presentation includes:

  • Spectra – Brief Intro
  • Leave Management
  • Leave Types
  • Leave Groups
  • Multiple Leave Policies
  • Balance Acquiring Methods
  • Shift Management hire a professional cleaner
  • Unlimited Shift Schedules Configuration
  • Shift Patterns
  • Shift Roster
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal
  • Apply Leaves, Check Leave Balance
  • View Leave Ledger Report
  • View Leave Planner
  • Apply for Shift Change
  • Approve/Reject Shift Change Requests

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