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Advanced 3S Series

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3 May, 2020

Advanced 3S Series

Spectra has been solely focused on providing reliable identity solutions since 1999. With the most innovative, intuitive, and impeccable 3S series of Spectra products, we provide the best Biometric, Bluetooth, and RFID based identity management solutions in the industry. We have traveled a long way in understanding industry-specific needs and enhancing our solutions accordingly.

Our in-house capabilities of hardware products and software applications provide us the flexibility to cater to challenging requirements from businesses of any scale and size in a time-bound manner. We take providing a reliable solution as our responsibility and stand committed to empowering organizations with nothing but the best.

This presentation includes:

  • Common Feature of 3S Series
  • Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Access
  • Features of UniStamp 3S
  • Features of TwinXs 3S
  • Features of XsPoint (XP-C1)
  • Features of BioStamp 3S
  • Features of BioScribe 3S

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