Author : Nikunj Mehta

12 May, 2020 | 455 Views

Presentation: Centralized Access Control System for any Large Enterprise

Spectra’s Centralized Access Control System controls the accessibility within an organization including confidential and critical areas. This access control system makes compliance easy to meet, provides disturbance-free operation, gauge access levels, and provides a count of persons in the premises, in case of emergency. Our Access control software solution together with Spectra’s hardware offer completely controlled access, ensuring higher safety of high-value resources.

This presentation includes:

  • SPECTRA – Brief Intro
  • Secured Credential Management
  • User Defined Employee Master and Look-Up
  • Configuration and Management
  • Multiple Access Rules
  • Audit Trails and Event Reports
  • Security Monitor Application
  • Extensive Integration Possibilities

Nikunj Mehta
As a Digital Marketer, Abhyuday brings more than 7 years of experience in Marketing and Communications with an emphasis on digital marketing, branding, events, and promotion. Having consistent value creation over the years, he is currently serving Spectra as the marketing manager and taking care of the brand's digital presence.

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