BioStamp 2C


A new generation of biometric devices with perfect blend of quality, aesthetics and spectra trust

Spectra’s Biometric Access Controller holds definite benefits in fingerprint authentication technology. Built to grant restricted access to controlled areas, this device can support multiple RFID card technologies. An instantly usable data allows companies speed up access decisions, thus, improving time and energy performance.

Embraced with a superior tamper-proof functionality, BioStamp 2C is a promise of paramount quality, reliability and security. An automatic alarm is in place to check on any sort of unwanted manual tampering. Equipped with highly dependable finger-print matching algorithm; ensuring accurate results, at all times. A mark of smart manufacturing it is backed by IP65 standard which provides full protection from environmental threats, moisture, dust and airborne pollutants.

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Key Features

Rugged Optical Fingerprint Sensor

Ultra Sleek

IP65 Weather Proof Housing

Field Upgradable Software