Automatic Identification Technology Based Solutions

Our Core Values

Value Customer

Every satisfied customer directly or indirectly helps us achieve goals.

Build Ideas

Nurturing an idea is good beginning, their timely execution is vital for success.


Integrity is the core underlying principle that should guide all our deeds.


Working for self is limiting, helping each other grow is far more enduring.

Work-Life Balance

A good health and happy family is great for work success, value them.

Our Mission

We specialize in providing efficient & reliable identity solutions. Our consistent product innovations, in-house development capabilities, core subject matter expertise and ever-committed team define us. The measuring yardstick of our success has been delivering superior customer experience every single time. We aspire to be a truly global brand with strong local footprints, aiming highest market share of Fortune 500 clients by year 2020.

Our Vision

We aspire to build an enterprise that evolves and inspires our team each passing day such that opportunities are created, dreams are pursued and goals are achieved with our core values being an integral guiding path.