UniRover 3S is Spectra’s innovative range of portable offering with a sound RFID authentication technology. Being easy to carry and use, it offers a number of useful choices to its users. From infrastructure sites to school buses, to mining, this card-based product can handle exhausting usage, with ease. Bearing in mind its outdoor uses the product’s exterior is covered with a rubber gasket, giving the product an elegant look and feel.

UniRover 3S is created to smooth data communication across channels. It can communicate via a number of interfaces such as USB, wi-fi, GPRS, inbuilt GPS to better process your data transfers. Its USB interface even allows the facility for an on-site device software update, giving you that much needed peace of mind. UniRover 3S gives companies hassle-free and paperless access control.

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Multiple RFID Technologies

Supports popular RFID technologies with inbuilt EM reader and option of having Mifare, HID iClass and HID Prox readers.

Tough Features for Rough Use

The inbuilt lithium polymer battery handles over 12 hrs of heavy usage opening it up for various applications like mining sites, school buses, classrooms, infrastructure sites, etc. Also, keeping in mind mostly outdoor usage, a rubber gasket around the device gives it a good grip along with appropriate shape and compact size.

Field Upgradable Software

Facility to onsite update device software through USB interface. The product updates can easily be applied without the need of removing device and sending it back to the service center.

GSM For Data Transfer

The device has an option of having inbuilt GSM for data transfer. This is very handy for locations where there are no means of network connectivity. Attendance records can be transferred directly to the server without any intervention.

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Supports Multiple Technologies

UniRover 3S can communicate with the host computer via inbuilt WiFi, USB and GPRS too. So, now you can even tag your data location with an inbuilt GPS option. It also supports protocols such as TCP/IP IPv4, HTTP, SSL and even the popular 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity.

High Speed Controller with Large Memory

The handheld card based device has high speed 32 bit microcontroller and large data storage of 8GB. It has a capacity to store 250,000 user database. Additionally it has capacity to store last 500,000 transactions.


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