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Spectra’s has a wide range of access control products and multiple solutions for the construction industry that can be customized to meet your dynamic requirements and workplace specific needs. Protect, secure and monitor the resources of a building, civil or industrial construction with our best in class attendance management, multi-site connectivity and real-time tracking solution maintaining the industry standards

Designed to manage the access of direct employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders on large job sites and construction projects and keeping everyone secured, Spectra solutions make it simple to grant, monitor, and review access to every access point. All tracking information with customized event logs and reports are available in real-time with our web-based software.

Construction Project & Site Office Requirements

Organizations during the construction of their new site or any project face complex challenges and business risks. Understanding these challenges and responding with innovative identity solutions is what we do at Spectra.

  • Handling a large number of employees
  • Controlled Worker Irregularities
  • Reader functionality despite contaminated fingerprints
  • Easy Onsite Multi Location Attendance Management
  • Prevent possible time theft & buddy punching
  • Effective Shift Scheduling
  • Faster Response to Exceptional Situations
  • Increase in Productivity & Minimized Overpayments
  • Notification of alarms and security breaches
  • Flexibility in configuring access zones and job groups
  • Smooth Workforce Tracking
  • Scalability over multiple access points
  • Integration with HR/Payroll systems
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Securing Every Construction Site and Projects

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Spectra Solutions for any Construction and Project Sites

Simple and effective way for controlling site access, monitoring time and attendance, labor tracking and data collection to minimize compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

    Real-time Attendance of Multiple Construction Sites

    Most construction companies work in multiple shifts, including overnight shifts. Due to the nature of their job, many times employees have to stay overtime or work continuous shifts. Spectra’s Time and Attendance is a robust solution that helps construction companies to keep track of your remote workforce in real time. This comprehensive solution offers easy integrations and leads to increased productivity with cost-cutting. Our solution is decked up with all the features you look for – employee log hours each day, manage different site locations, billable hours after excluding the break timings, etc.

    • Improved information flow from the site back to the office
    • Seamless payroll integration for accurate and real-time labor costing
    • Efficient planning for work completion in every individual job location
    • Dustproof and weatherproof card reader and biometric devices
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    Controlled Access Management to Secured Areas

    For any construction site, manpower management is of prime importance as there is a constant flow of contractual employees and labors and it can be a complicated aspect to manage. Also, there are several challenges for security here like extreme weather conditions, protection of certain areas, and multiple entrances with different levels for access rights. It’s, therefore, crucial to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out, especially when there are multiple construction sites.

    Own a state-of-the-art access control system that identifies and authorizes accredited workers onto your construction site ensuring a safe and secure place for everyone working on the project.

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    Privacy Through Secured Visitor Management

    Manage and automate visitors with a completely web-based solution that is capable of pre-registration, registration, check-in/check-out, centralized reporting and audit trail functions.

    • Check in all type of people coming to your site: contractors, staff, visitors, deliveries, etc.
    • Complete history and past records, visitor/group wise with blacklisting facility
    • Capture visitor information (e.g. fingerprint, photo, etc.) along with assets being carried inside for safety and security.
    • Pre-registration of planned visitors
    • Message contractors with alerts, emergency or health & safety messages
    • Automatically notify when any visitor arrives
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    Track and Monitor your Contract Compliance

    Due to the impact on business practices, enterprises have already started relying on contracts to protect their interests and their assets. Hence, now it is necessary to have a software that tracks and monitors your compliance. Spectra’s Contract Compliance Management Software keeps you adhered by law and in compliance with statutory, regulatory or internal compliances.

    • Robust speed, availability, and security, no matter where your people are
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Provides visibility on the Compliance status for all offices, branches, factories etc
    • Email alerts and escalations for compliance due dates
    • Allow super-users to easily change and configure the application to a new business process
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iApp – An Integrated Identity & Access Control Solution for

for anyone in the Construction Industry

A fully integrated, centrally managed system to monitor, control and report access and movement of employees, contractual laborers, and visitors, manage their time and attendance and restrict access to prohibited areas among many other features.

Why Spectra Solutions

We strive to provide you with technologically advanced solutions, differentiated products
and unmatched services delivered within a flexible and cost-effective business model offering some
of the best values in the industry.

In-house Product Development

Our core strength is in-house product development of hardware devices and software applications. Hence, in the ever changing technology landscape, we have everything you look for - constant innovations, stringent quality control and custom offerings.

Vast Industry Specific Experience

Having catered to varied industries, we now have a sound knowledge bank of industry specific challenges & solutions. This has helped us immensely in developing in-depth holistic solution for each application.

Excellent Post Sales Support

Our channel partners are capable to handle first level product support and most of the customer queries gets settled there only, and for advanced queries we have 4 support channels - help desk, live chat, email and phone.

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