Automatic Identification Technology Based Solutions

Marquee Clientele

  • 820+ Controllers
  • 20,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2009

Implemented access, attendance solutions integrated with full height turnstile at more than 14 locations. Key highlight was cGMP compliance and -lactam/non -lactam area control.

  • 655+ Controllers
  • 15,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2014

Implemented four application on single platform viz. Attendance, Access, Visitor & Canteen with high-level integration of SAP, SSO, mobile app. Solution on FP+Mifare.

  • 360+ Controllers
  • 8,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2001

One of oldest prestigious client of Spectra, using all applications with installation at 12 locations. Attendance software data is fully integrated with their legacy software.

  • 245+ Controllers
  • 9,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2004

We have implemented all our applications & products with installations at 9 locations. The key highlight is integration of SAP & of our self-service portal with their software.

  • 400+ Controllers
  • 10,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2010

We are proud to serve a govt. Navratna Company for all these years with our attendance solution for 9 locations. Future ready IPv6 device & integration with their software implemented.

  • 220+ Controllers
  • 7,500 Employees
  • Active Since 2013

This BPO client is using our legacy access control door panels with enterprise level access software for their oces in west, north and south India for their large work force.

  • 200+ Controllers
  • 3,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2012

Our prestigious BFSI client has implemented access control at cash counter cabin assuring ample safety at their branches in India. Key feature centralized solution with negligible down time.

  • 150+ Controllers
  • 18,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2012

Access management was a challenge for them due to large workforce. We have satisfactorily implemented customized centralized access control solution for their 20 locations in India.

  • 100+ Controllers
  • 14,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2007

By understanding their core requirement of automated streamlined attendance, we have successfully deployed our attendance solution covering 95 plus remote locations.

  • 90+ Controllers
  • 3,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2014

Spectra provided them with the bespoke attendance recording solutions for their plant which in turn helped them to synchronize the data via FTP. A unique solution duly implemented.

  • 55+ Controllers
  • 15,00 Employees
  • Active Since 2015

Our client from Oil and gas industry required streamlining their attendance for 44 remote locations. We implemented centralised ARS well within the defined timeline as per their expectations.

  • 110+ Controllers
  • 2,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2010

Our attendance hardware devices are seamlessly integrated with their third party application software through our data synchronization utility.

  • 135+ Controllers
  • 17,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2007

Mix of biometric and card based attendance, access control solution and canteen solution along with tailor made customized application software completely as per their requirements.

  • 110+ Controllers
  • 3,000 Employees
  • Active Since 2015

Provided them with the template on card facility resulting into hassle free biometric attendance solution with third party integration as per their requirement.

  • 65+ Controllers
  • 2,200 Employees
  • Active Since 2007

Successfully implemented and maintaining our rugged biometric attendance devices in most adverse environment of mining industry with worn out fingerprint templates.

  • 115+ Controllers
  • 900 Employees
  • Active Since 2014

Retail chain with 115+ stores pan India. They don’t have dedicated network & only internet was available, data was required in real time. We executed solution as per their satisfaction.