Canteen Management System

Spectra’s Biometric Canteen Management System has seen heightened interest as it saves large amount of time of costly resources. It bridges the gap between canteen and its usage with an added advantage of going paperless through use of biometric based, card based and app based solutions. This helps in doing away from coupons and its distribution to employees. Spectra CMS helps in simplifying operations by being multi user system and by passing the benefit to users in discreet manner based on company policies on eligibility.

It is easy to install, run and maintain. The system gives employees, vendors, items or departments wise consumption for collecting the employee share, payment of vendor and charging the department for its consumption. Our Biometric Canteen Management System has resulted in savings not only in effort and money but has reduced the manipulation by some vendors also. Lastly our system has resulted in saving in the wastages in canteen reducing the wastage of fast depleting but precious resources of the society.

Upgrade to a Smarter Biometric Canteen Management System

The Canteen Management System to increase transaction speed and
eliminate long employee queues during peak hours.

General Rules

  • Manage multiple Staff Canteens (at single or multiple locations) with a central database
  • Visitor, Guest and contract users controlled access to the canteen
  • Define Menu Items with price and subsidy
  • Regularization of Canteen Usage
  • Limit food quantity (For e.g. – an employee cannot have more than 1 lunch per day) to avoid manipulations
  • Restrict canteen usage only during shift hours
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Flexible Menu Options

  • 250 items master for Menu at each time zone.
  • Option to have daily / meal wise different menu based on the canteen roaster/charter.
  • Each item, associated with a specific vendor with full value and subsidized value
  • Option to offer quantity selection to employee/guest
  • Refund Requests can be processed for Prepaid solution at the time of separation of user or transfer of the user
  • Allows Correction in Order if the Item is Out of Stock
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Employee Benefits

  • Each employees contribution can be linked directly to the consumption which otherwise becomes a challenging task for large organizations.
  • Employee wise utilization summary report
  • System gives very good idea of consumption and can result in better planning at the vendor ensuring no shortage of food or excessive wastage
  • Cashless transaction can be used without the challenge of change or forgetting wallet at desk or home
  • Employees can be guarded against the manipulation from the vendors
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View Detailed Reports

  • Design the reports as per their requirement and export into MS Excel or PDF format
  • Amount Reports: Item-wise, Vendor wise, Guest wise, Employee wise
  • Item wise Utilization Reports: Daily / Periodic
  • Employee Transaction Reports: All, Employee wise, Grade wise, Category wise, Department wise, Designation wise
  • Vendor Reports: Event Log, Amount Report, Item Transactions, Vendor Transactions, Guest Transactions, Employee Transactions
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Integration Possibilities

Spectra’s Canteen Management Solution provides extensive integration possibilities with:

  • Spectra’s attendance management, visitor management and access control and integrate with the canteen management system
  • Contract Compliance Solution can be integrated to manage contract visitors in canteen environment
  • With Payroll Management Software Integration for collecting the share of the employee
  • There can be integration with the Active Directory to sync the users
  • In case of internal requirement system we can do Data based on API
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Best Canteen Management System

Spectra’s Biometric canteen and cafeteria management system software offers cashless transaction and operation management. It bridges the gap between the canteen and its usage, in a smart and effective manner. The RFID based Canteen Management Software also offers cashless transaction and operation management. It ensures trouble-free transactions to maintain cafeteria usage accurately with an added advantage of going paperless. This software offers Canteen Management in a Prepaid / Postpaid modes. Here you can check or validate daily or monthly food transactions in real time and comes with multi company, multi user & multi vendor support. The Biometric Canteen Management System Software comes with a capability of seamless third-party integration for Payroll /ERP systems with quick and easy excel reporting.

  • Photographic
    Records of
  • Restricted
    Access of
  • Customized
  • Appointment
    Scheduling &
  • Customized
    for Specific
  • Integrated with
    Dymo Visiting
    Card Scanner

Canteen Management Software Features

Canteen Management Features that ensure ease of operation ensuring all the employees can use the benefit of the canteen provided by the organization:

  • Facility for both prepaid and postpaid transactions
  • Prepaid Mode: Cards Preloaded with specific amount & validity
  • Postpaid Mode: Monthly deduction of utilization
  • Check / Validate, Daily / Monthly Food Transactions in online/real-time mode
  • Handy And Up to Date Statistics.
  • Tabletop coupon printer for authentication
  • User configurable time zone based availability
  • Short keys for fast item selection
  • Prepaid balances and transaction-wise deduction
  • Vendor-wise reports for payable verification
  • Multi-company, Multi-User & Multi-vendor support
  • Reports with grouping on Employees, Departments, Vendors, Items and etc.
  • Preference for quantity selection to Employees or to Guests or to both.
  • Easy export of reports to MS Excel.
  • Integration with Third-party Payroll /ERP systems
  • Add any number of companies in a single application.
  • Configure multiple reader connections
  • Employee access on the selected reader for particular time-zone period only
  • Access to only those items which are selected in the current time zone
  • Integration with payroll software for deductions at month end
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