Biometric Attendance System

Spectra’s Biometric Attendance System Software is engineered to help organizations manage their human resource efficiently. It is centralized software for multiple users, at multiple locations. It also takes care of decentralized day-to-day administration of multiple companies under one group too. This attendance management software minimizes inconsistencies to ensure improved productivity. Advance configuration backed by employee self-service portal ensures complete automation from attendance punching to payroll processing.

This Best Biometric Attendance System comes with a range of MIS reports not only important for attendance accuracy but also provide detail insights into the operations. It is enhanced by our range of devices supporting fingerprint based biometric, Bluetooth, pin and RFID card technologies working individually or in combination. Non-editable audit trail, user-wise menu rights, location-wise data access etc. make us a strong vendor for requirements related to attendance management.

Intelligent Biometric Attendance System

Own a complete Fingerprint Time Attendance Management System that empowers your HR department and simplifies your tedious task process through powerful features it has to offer.

Shift Management

  • Multiple Shift option based on employee’s departments, types or office locations.
  • Unlimited shift schedules with flexible-shift support for employees across teams
  • User defined fields like shift hours, grace time for entry and exit, break hours, etc.
  • Shift roster upload from excel facility to set duty for each and every employee
  • Auto shift allocation based on the first punch of the day for employees called on urgencies outside shift roaster
  • Shift rotation / changeover
  • Shift-wise bus route management through employee Self-service portal
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Leave Management

  • Multiple leave types such as paid, unpaid, sick, casual, maternal, etc with scope of additional user defined leave types based on policies of the organization
  • Group based policies for carryover, encashment, eligibility, accruals etc.
  • View types of leaves, reasons for leaves, who approved those leaves and more
  • Set official visit types like field works, training, seminars, customer support, etc.
  • Leaves and Official visits can be applied and approved from anywhere and at anytime
  • Employees / Managers can track leave application, approval and leave balance.
  • Bird’s eye view of Leave calendar of the team for supervisors
  • Option of clubbing restriction on applying for multiple types together
  • Provision to restrict minimum & maximum days of leave through a single request
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Configure Necessary Policies

  • Attendance policy to calculate work hours, present mark requirements among others are completely user definable on groups basis
  • User defined multiple overtime policies with rules and regulations as per requirement
  • Leave policies with configurable leave period and action on long leaves
  • Late & early policy to maintain punctuality among staff members with deduction option
  • Tour & outdoor duty policy to regularize attendance
  • Multiple week-off policies, 5 days or 6 days a week, etc.
  • Yearly holiday policy based on different locations of the organization
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Employee Self Service

  • SPECTRA ESS App ensures management and compliance of everything on the go
  • Admin customizable Dash board for each employee to show critical stats
  • Geo-Tagging feature in the mobile app for location tracking of field employees
  • Regularize Attendance for tours, card forgotten, leave, outdoor duty and many more
  • View daily and monthly attendance for self and sub ordinates with customizable colors scheme for different events and statuses.
  • Other Operations: Leave Cancellation, Leave encashment, Shift Roster
  • Shift exceptions regularization or shift change request through work-flow can be managed by employees and managers using employee self-service portal
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Reports & Analysis

  • Complete analysis data for critical items like Overtime, Leave encashment and alike
  • Report builder unlike customized report ensure zero time lag and with various parameters like Drag And Drop Columns, Lookup Columns, No of Columns and others.
  • User defined reports can be for an organization, department and for a particular period.
  • Employee based reports for Attendance, Absence, OT, Outdoor Duty among many more
  • Geo Location Wise Reports
  • Option of various file formats including PDF, Excel, Word, etc.
  • Design the reports as per requirement based on.
  • Configure Report fields like Page setup (portrait or Landscape), Page Size (A3, A4, A5) , Page Margin (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)
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Integration Possibilities

Spectra’s Time & Attendance Solution provides extensive integration possibilities with:

  • Spectra’s visitor management, access control, and canteen management system
  • Payroll Management Software Integration for salary processing
  • Integration with the Active Directory to sync the users and for Single Sign-on (SS0)
  • In case of internal requirement, we can do Data based on API
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration can help in making the process automated
  • Human Capital Management and Accounting Management Software Integration are commonly encountered integration that we have perfected
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Best Biometric Attendance Software System

Spectra’s Biometric Attendance System is the required tool to ensure negligible time devotion for payroll processing. It comes with multiple rules, detailed reports and real-time online update on PC and mobile app. The time attendance software supports MS SQL and Oracle database, check Spectra’s Attendance Management System takes care of complex HR policies of varied types of organizations in a very simplified and extremely user-friendly manner with an excellent GUI. Our web-based Biometric Attendance Management System, supports fully integrated Employee Self-Service ESS portal for PC and Mobile App for regularization of attendance. It can facilitate single point centralized payroll generation with decentralized administration.

Time & Attendance Management Software Features

Centralized and real-time attendance recording software with easy online management of all complex HR tasks and offer completely automated process

  • Client-server architecture with backend support of MS SQL & Oracle
  • Multiple companies, locations, department, business units, and shift support
  • Module wise & component-wise rights for better control
  • User configurable policy setup for attendance, overtime, leave, late/early, etc
  • Employee grouping facility for configuring various policy setups
  • Complete leave accounting with user definable leave parameters types
  • Spreadsheet style GUI to allow multiple selections for convenient usage
  • Separate employee login and managerial login facility
  • Leave planner facility for managers
  • Inbuilt night shift handling (across the day shift) and shift rotation logics
  • Department, category, grade, designation, shift wise report generation
  • 70+ useful MIS reports
  • Re-processing of attendance punches to automatically identity correct shift
  • Import and export of Attendance Data for convenient working
  • Transfer machine data (punches) to 3rd party database for payroll integration
  • Event and error log details for subsequent audit trail, machine error logs
  • Transfer of employees with inter location reader access option
  • Payroll data with user-selectable fields
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