Spectra’s TwinXs 2C is a highly accurate two door access controller suitable for every business vertical. Its super powerful design and simple mechanism makes it a favorite among clients. It is easy to install, use and maintain. Its ability to simultaneously control and monitor two doors, allows it to be a cost-efficient alternative for our customers.

This 2 door/ 4 reader access controller has a large storage capacity to store 30,000 employee database and about 55,000 transactions. It even supports multiple proximity, keypad, biometric, smart card, and RS485 / Weigand reader. It is a must-have for areas such as server rooms and research labs, to name just a few and in fact it’s secure, user-friendly and easy to embed network interface makes it a highly desirable solution in Door Access Control technology too.

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2 Door / 4 Reader IP Controller

Supports access control of up to 2 doors in all respect including 2 entry readers, 2 exit readers, 2 locks, 2 exit switches etc.

Protected Enclosure for Controller

Both controller & power supply unit in TwinXs 2C are protected with suitable housing so that electronic circuit boards are not exposed to cause any accidental damage.

Door Interlocking Feature
With Anti Pass Back

The 2 door controller offers door interlocking by allowing access to a door within the group only when all the other doors are closed. It also supports door wise anti-passback where entry to a particular door is allowed only when the employee has exited through the same door.

  • 2 Door/ 4 Reader
    IP Controller
  • Protected Enclosure
    for Controller
  • 30,000
    Employee Database
  • 55,000 Transaction
  • Door
    Interlocking Facility
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Inbuilt RJ45 Network Interface

Leveraging on the merits of IP based systems; it can easily be hooked up on the existing TCP/IP network. Thus the data can be transferred instantaneously in real time mode to a centralized server.

Field Upgradable Firmware

Facility to onsite upgrade the firmware over Ethernet interface so that any customization or new version can be easily upgraded without any need of removing the device.

Excellent Price Performance Ratio

With a lower price to performance ratio ROI is automatically enhanced, the factor contributing to higher ROI is not only very competitive pricing but also higher accuracy rate offered by the product.

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